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Trade Offer

Posting and browsing Trade Offers at Itrademarket's Trade List are great ways to find and develop new business opportunities. You can know what other members offer or need, and contact them for details; or, whatever you want to buy, sell, or cooperation, post them here and let others to contact you.

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  ·  Repost/Delete Trade Offers

Post Trade Offers
Whatever you want to buy, sell, or cooperation, post them in Trade Offers and let others to contact you. Just do as follows:

  • Login (not necessary if you're already logged in), and click on the "Post Trade Offers" button, located on the Member Menu toolbar.

  • Fill out the "Post Trade Offers" form. When you're finished, click "update" to submit.
 you should already filled out your Company Info.
 you could attach a photo of your products to the trade offers.

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Trade Alerts
Subscribe to Itrademarket Trade Alerts and receive business trade offer & company updates daily, forwarded directly to your email account.

You can keep in touch with the latest developments in your industry, by specify your Trade Alert subscription to buy, sell or cooperation offers and companies that you wish to receive. Itrademarket will send you personalized trade offers & companies daily, directly to your email account.

  • To Subscribe to Trade Alerts:

      Step 1. Log in with your User Name and password.

      Step 2. Click Trade Alerts link from the toolbar under Trade Activity on Member Menu.

      Step 3. Select the "I would like to SUBSCRIBE now".

      Step 4. Check boxes of information that you want to subscribe, such as "Information Wanted", "Companies Type Wanted", and "Trade Offers Type Wanted".

      Step 5. Don't forget to select the email address that you want use or fill with the new one.

      Step 6. Select industry categories in the yellow box to which you want to subscribe.

      Step 7. Double click industry sub-categories in the yellow box to which you want to subscribe.

      Step 8. Confirm your subscription configuration, and click on "update" if all is correct.

      Step 9. Subscription Process Complete! You will begin receiving once a day Trade Alert updates as soon as trade offers or companies matching your subscription settings are posted.

      You will also be notified by our Customer Service team by email once your Itrademarket Trade Alerts subscription has been confirmed.

  • Email Format:
      TXT (Plain Text) Format: A convenient format that allows hyperlinks within an email message.

  • To Unsubscribe to Trade Alerts:

      If you want to unsubscribe to Trade Alerts, or modify your subscription settings, click Trade Alerts link from the toolbar under Trade Activity at Member Menu. Select the "I would like to UNSUBSCRIBE now" and then click "update" to proceed.

      You will see a success page confirming your settings have successfully updated.

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    Browse Trade List
    To view the trade offers you are interested in, there are two ways:

    • Enter a keyword in the search box, and select to search trade offers. For example, enter the word "candle" in the search box and click "Go!", then all relevant trade offers of "candle" will be listed out. Pull down the menu box to specify other search trade category, such as product, inquiry, cooperation or all category.
    • Browse by Itrademarket industry categories. For example, if you want to get candle Trade Offers, go to the "Gifts & Crafts" industry category on the right of page, and click the "Candles" subcategory below of the category. Here you will find all relevant candle Trade Offers listed.
    Once you find a trade offer, you may print the page for future exploration, or recommend the information to your business friends.

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    Respond to Trade Offers
  • Reply to a posted trade offer.
      It is easy to reply to a posted trade offer at Itrademarket. You will find a button, ("Request for Quote", "Send Quote" or "Send Message" depending on the type of trade offer) under the detailed description of it.

      This link will take you to Trade Mail, where you can compose a message to the member that posted the trade offer.

      Click here to go to the Trade Mail help section.

      Request for Quote is for buyers to send inquiry to sellers, while as Send Quote is for sellers to send quotations to buyers and Send Message if for ones who wants to make a cooperation.

  • One message for reply multiple posted trade offers.
      You can use Inquiry Basket to reply to multiple posted trade offers.

      If you interest trade offers when you browse, please select them by click checkbox, then you can saved them by click on the "Add to Basket" button to append the trade offers to inquiry basket. Or you can inquiry them now by click on the "Inquiry Now" button.

      After you have finished browsing and want to send inquiry to your saved trade offers, click on "Inquiry Basket" link located at the top right-hand corner of the Itrademarket homepage.

      Select one of listings that you have saved while browsing. Fill in a form to send a Request For Quotation (RFQ), Quote, or Message.

      You can send the same RFQ, Quote, or Message to up to 20 members per day.

      Click here to go to the Inquiry Basket help section for more information.

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    Repost/Delete Trade Offers
    After you post trade offers, in your Member Menu you can manage them conveniently such as to repost, to modify, or to delete if you no more need it.

    You are suggested to repost your trade offers regularly to keep your information up-to-date. This is much helpful for your information to be searched out by other members and attract potential clients.

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