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Name:Mr. Djaya puspita [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Y!: jayaone Y!: jayaone
BlackBerry PIN: 7561FA31 7561FA31
LINE: djayapuspita djayapuspita
WeChat: Djayapuspita Djayapuspita
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Djaya puspita at jakarta barat
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Djaya puspita at jakarta barat
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Address:jl.daan mogot km 16
jakarta barat 11850, Jakarta
jayaone@ yahoo.com dan pin bb 7561FA31
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Registration Date:Feb. 14, 2009
Last Updated:Mar. 04, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Industrial Supplies category

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PT. Ultra Prima Plast
In the process of injection and blow molding, we create high quality plastic products with a high degree of precision to meet the demands of design and functional targets.

For Injection Moulding and Blow molding at this time we have been producing electronic components, automotive components, rod & helmet toothbrush, battery components, gas components, valve, piston guide, scrub pots, cover the syrup, cover the herbs, cover aerosols, close the month, close slicon, oil bottles, shampoo bottles, bottles Handbody, balm pots, hangers, etc.
For the purposes of Injection Moulding We have 60 machines, ie machines JSW, Nissei, Sumitomo Arburg with capacities ranging from 80 tons to 350 tons, and as well as workshops for maintenance mold.

With modern day technology support and supervision from our professional staff, the products we produce are of reliable quality.

For PVC Shrink Film, and Label Printing, flexible character of the material is effective to be applied, as labels, seals, pembukus and coat various products that form a variety. Functionally, Shrink Film main demands for packaging, namely safety and hygiene so that images remain terjaga.Aplikasinya hygienic easy enough so that it can be used in a variety of products with cost efficient enough.
Of the two industry standards of quality they will be successful following the company PT.Energizer Ind., Energizer Malaysia, Internatonal Chemical Industri.serta ISO 9002.

Website : www.upplast.com
Email : jayaone@ yahoo.com
hp : 081310030662
fax : 08988933347
contact : Djaya puspita.

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