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Playground Rumahpohonku
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Playground rumahpohonku, Ruko East Point no 3, Jl Raya Caman, Jatibening
Jakarta Timur 17412, Jakarta

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Playground Kayu Playfort Foresta BSD
Minumum Order:jl dewi sartika 199B Cawang
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The playground ins installed at an open garden for public fascility of a housing complex.
The playfort is made of teak wood, consist of a playhouse, a swing set with two rubber seater, tire swing, trapeze swing, and climbing game ( climb wall, climb net, climb rope and wooden stair) .

The playground is perfect for a green open space.

We also make indoor playground, steel playground, swing set, fiber slide, indoor soft play, rubber mat, children playground and furniture.

You can call us for price list catalog at 02183214811.
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