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Products Catalog : Jig Machine| China Jig Machine in Stock  Jul. 31, 2014 16:45:00

The jig machine uses water as the medium of gravity separation with the following advantages: taking less floor area, simple operation, less investment, profit quickly, etc. So this jig machine is....

Supplier: Gongyi Forui Machinery Factory [Gongyi City, Henan, China]
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    Products Catalog : Xinguang Stone Crusher| Various Crusher in Stock  Jul. 31, 2014 7:37:25

    Stone crusher is an important equipment in mining operation, it is used for stone/ mineral breaking and sand making for further mineral separation.Stone crusher made in Xinguang can be jaw crusher, ....

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    Products Catalog : Yinlong Dismantling Joint| Dismantling Joint in Stock  Jul. 30, 2014 14:44:47

    The dismantling joint is used in pipeline system to solve pipe interface axial stretching displacement. The material can be made according to different acid, alkali, corrosion, oil heat and other....

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    Products Catalog : Vida Metal Crusher| Scrap Metal Crushing and Recycling  Jul. 30, 2014 9:36:06

    Metal crushers produced by Vida are scrap metal crushing plant which are widely employed to crush and recycle pop cans, tin cans, metal food box, paint bucket, gas gasoline drum, oil filter, shell of....

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    Products Catalog : 2014 the top-ranking Hongji hammer crusher for sale  Jul. 30, 2014 8:03:53

    Suitable for crushing, such as coal, coal stone, coke, slag, red sandstone, shale, loose limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick, limestone. Also used for crushing fiber structure, strong....

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    Products Catalog : Brick Making Machine| China Advanced Brick Machine  Jul. 30, 2014 7:37:36

    The brick making machine designed and manufactured by Wangda Machinery with domestic and international advanced technics and experience.It has a wide range of raw material like coal gangue, fly ash, ....

    Supplier: Wangda Machinery [Gongyi, Henan, China]
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  • Products Catalog : Yugong Pellet Mill| Pellet Making Equipment in Stock  Jul. 29, 2014 15:47:29

    The pellet mill produced by Yugong Machinery is an efficient centrifugal wood pellet mill which absorbs the quintessence of various pellet mills both at home and abroad, the core part adopts " double....

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    Products Catalog : Tongli Charcoal Machine| China Advanced Charcoal Machine  Jul. 29, 2014 10:29:54

    Charcoal plays an important role in many countries and charcoal machine is becoming important and necessary for fast or large amount charcoal production. Modern methods for charcoal production is....

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    Products Catalog : Resin CBN wheel for grinding hss tools robert@  Jul. 29, 2014 10:08:49

    Resin bond is usually made with heat-cured resin mainly composed of phenolic resin. Resin bond wheel has excellent grinding ability, surface finish and minimal chipping. It is widely applied for....

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    Products Catalog : Resin bond CBN grinding wheel  Jul. 29, 2014 9:36:31

    Description: brief description and superiority Resin Bond CBN Grinding Wheel 1.High efficiency 2.Little grinding heat 3.Good sharpness 4.Name brand product made in China detailed description ....

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    Products Catalog : diamond drill bit/ electroplated diamond core drill bit  Jul. 29, 2014 8:22:20

    Feature Fast drilling speed No chipping Long working life Fitting machine : hand machine , bench drill machine and kinds of drilling machine

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    Products Catalog : Wood pellet hot water boilers  Jul. 28, 2014 15:36:53

    Description _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Wood pellet hot water boilers, as reliable, cost saving and enviroment friendly heating system, are....

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  • Products Catalog : Single Column Vertical Lathe  Jul. 28, 2014 10:05:39

    Application of Single Column Vertical Lathe: This single column vertical lathe is employed to machine processing in many industries, which can be used for corase and fine cutting of cylindrical....

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    Sell : AMSP 400D Flat Die Pellet Mill  Jul. 28, 2014 9:17:10

    AMSP 400 Flat Die Pellet Mill Features 1. Driven by a diesel engine makes pellets production possible especially in the rural area with shortage of electricity. Save electricity, save money. 2.....

    Supplier: Amisy Flat Die Pellet Mill [Zhengzhou, Henan, China]
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    Sell : XBM Hydrocyclone Used in Gold, Copper etc  Jul. 28, 2014 8:54:23

    Hydro-cyclone is an equipment used for the separation to remove the heavier coarse particles sediment and other substances in the sewage. Sometimes the hydro-cyclone is used for sludge dewatering. ....

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