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TOKO MAKANAN RINGAN - Supplier Makanan Ringan Indonesia
TOKO MAKANAN RINGAN - Supplier Makanan Ringan Indonesia
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TOKO MAKANAN RINGAN - Supplier Makanan Ringan Indonesia


We are a shop that specializes in buying and selling native snacks. Archipelago and serves typical food typical snacks of their own country. We will try to provide the best service for customer satisfaction.

We sell a variety of snacks such as:
1. Lanting
Lanting ( sometimes called klanthing) , is a kind of snack crackers made from cassava or figure-eight shaped like a ring of small circles. Its origin has only a taste of savory and salty but they now appear various flavors such as spicy and salty flavors of cheese.

2. Lunkhead
Lunkhead is a kind of food that are categorized in sweet foods. To create high-quality lunkhead quite difficult because of the manufacturing process is long and requires expertise. The materials needed to make a lunkhead consists of coconut milk, rice flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar and salt.
In the stage of manufacture, the ingredients are mixed together in a large pot and cook over medium heat. Lunkhead who cooked should not be left unattended, because if left alone, then the lunkhead will be forfeited at the bottom and will form a crust. Therefore, in the manufacturing process must lunkhead mixture stirred continuously to obtain good results. Lunkhead cooking time takes about 4 hours and if it is less than that, lunkhead who cooked would be less tasty to eat. After 2 hours, in general lunkhead mixture will change color to dark brown. At that moment the lunkhead mixture will boil and remove air bubbles.
Henceforth, lunkhead be stirred so that air bubbles are formed is not overflowing out of the cauldron until the lunkhead is ripe and ready to be appointed. The latter, lunkhead must be cooled in a large pot. To get good results and taste delicious, lunkhead have dark brown, shiny and thick. After that, lunkhead can be cut and eaten. Lunkhead usually served to guests on certain days like the days of big celebration.

3. Skin crackers
Some areas of skin crackers or call rambak jangek are crackers made from cowhide or buffalo leather mixed with flavored spices and flavor enhancer. After experiencing the process of boiling and drying in the sun usually about 2-3 days, raw crackers ready to be fried into these dry crackers ready to serve.

4. Coffee
Coffee is a kind of beverage that comes from processing plants and the extraction of coffee beans. In addition to an attractive taste and aroma, coffee may also lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, gallstones, and various heart diseases ( cardiovascular) .

5. VCO ( Virgin Coconut Oil)
Virgin coconut oil is coconut oil made from fresh coconut raw materials, processed with controlled heating or without heating at all, without chemicals and RDB.

In addition we also sell cinnamon syrup, honey and various other food and beverage products native to Indonesia.
Our products are also designed for standard self-service market ( mini market) with export quality.
We serve orders from all regions in the number of wholesale and retail. We also serve a purchase in large quantities for export commodities.
And we also offer to work as our agents throughout the INDONESIA.

Materials - the materials used are selected strictly to keep the original taste of Indonesia to guarantee perfect HALAL. We also apply QUALITY CONTROL system to ensure the quality of food.

We will strive to provide competitive rates in the market. Your satisfaction is our hope. If you want to order our products or to cooperate, please contact us by sending an email to masbroagung@ gmail.com.

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