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Habbatussauda Minyak/ Habbatussauda Oil - by Hamil Al Musk

Price:Rp 70.000
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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:Botol Plastik dalam kotak karton/Plastic Bottle in Paper Box
Origin:Saudi Arabia
Specification:Nigela Sativa can be compared to Echinacea, the well known immune booster but works in a very different way, which makes it even suitable for diseases of the immune system itself, eg. allergies; MS; TB; cancer; aids etc, where Echinacea could have detrimental effects.
The oil of nigella sativa is so beneficial due to it' s content of over a hundred components such as aromatic oils, trace elements, vitamins and enzymes. It contains 58% of essential fatty acids including omega 6 and omega 3. These are necessary for the forming of Prostaglandin E1 which balances and strengthens the immune system giving it the power to prevent infections and allergies and control cronic illnesses. Healthy cells are protected from viruses thus inhibiting tumours. Blackseed oil also contains about 0.5 - 1.5% volatile oils including nigellone and thymochinone which are responsible for its anti-histamine, anti-oxidant, anti-infective and broncho-dilating effect.
As an oil it is digested through the lymphatics consequently purifying and unblocking the lymphatic system.
Nigella Sativa oil was found in Tutankhamen' s tomb. It is known to have been used by Cleopatra for it' s health and beauty giving qualities.
The Greek physician Dioskorides used Blackseed to treat headaches, nasal congestion, toothache and intestinal parasites. Hypocrates, the grandfather of todays scientific medicine regarded Nigella Sativa as a valuable remedy in hepatic and digestive disorders.
Ibn Sina, the author of the Canon of Medicine, one of the most famous books in the history of medicine recommends Blackseed stimulates the metabolism and to recover from dispiritedness and lethargy.
Ayurvedic medicine appreciates its many qualities and bitter, warming, stimulant nature. Here it is used or a wide variety of diseases like haemorrhoids, hepatitis, fever, diarrhoea, cough, tapeworm, to mention only a few of them.
The earliest written reference to Blackseed is found in the book of Isiah in the Old Testament 28: 25-27. It is most famous for the saying of the holy prophet Muhammad ( sws) , ' Hold on to use of the Blackseed, for it has a remedy for every illness except death.' The wording ' hold onto' indicates a long term use.
Since 1959 there have been over 200 different studies at universities and laboratories. At the Cancer Research Laboratory of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA, one of the largest experimental studies so far proved that Nigella Sativa oil had enormous success in tumour therapy without the negative side effects of common chemo-therapy. They found that it increased the growth rate of bone marrow cells by a staggering 250% and it inhibited tumour growth by 50% . It stimulated immune cells and raised the interferon production which protect cells from the cell destroying effect of viruses. They confirmed the strongly anti-bacterial and anti-micotic effects and that it has an effect in lowering the blood sugar level which is essential for the treatment of diabetes.
Recently independent clinical studies published in the archives of Aids also established some astonishing effects of blackseed on the defence system by improving the ration between helper t-cells and suppresser t-cells by a significant amount while also enhancing the natural killer cell activity.
Experiences of doctors in Munich displayed that 70% of patients with allergic conditions, among them being pollen and dust allergies, asthma and neuro-dermitis were cured by Nigella Sativa.

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