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Soleris - Alat uji berbagai jenis bakteri di dalam satu inkubator
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The Soleris® system consists of an incubator, ready-to-use vials, and system software. Based on automated optical technology that combines simple methodology and classic microbiology, Soleris provides reproducible, rapid, and accurate detection and enumeration of a variety of microorganisms across a spectrum of sample types including food, dairy, beverages, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. A maximum of 512 samples ( no batching is required) can be tested simultaneously using four instruments connected to a single PC. Detection times are significantly reduced due to optimizing dye technologies and optical sensors to continuously monitor microbial growth.

Advantages Fast & Efficient
Protect your brands by ensuring high quality products
Significantly reduce holding times for negative samples
Receive early alerts of product deviations
Improve manufacturing processes by preventing reworks
Ship products and release incoming raw materials faster
React faster to product contamination

There are a wide array of tests available for the food safety industry, including:

Escherichia coli
Lactic acid bacteria
Orange Serum Broth
Osmophilic Yeast
Total Viable Count ( TVC)
UHT/ Sterility testing
Yeast and Molds

The system also has a variety of successful applications, including:

Challenge Testing
Cosmetics Testing
Finished Product Testing
Microbial Limits Testing
Preservative Efficiency Testing ( PET)
Raw Material Screening
Spoilage Testing
Sterility Testing
Shelf Life Prediction

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