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PT. Talimas Artha Guna
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Address:Jl. Greges Jaya II No.8B Blok D2
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Mar. 26, 2010
Last Updated:Mar. 26, 2010
Business Nature:Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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PT. Talimas Artha Guna was established in 2003, as an authorized of Steel wire ropes from Bridon, Kiswire and as a provider Lifting equipment company, we serves :

1. Steel wire ropes ( Ex- Bridon, Kiswire, Ushamartin )
2. Alloy Chains, Fitting, and shackles Ex- Gunnebo Sweden
( Lifting chain slings Grade 8, Grade 8+ or Grade 10 )
3. Crosby Products
4. Polyester webbing sling and Lashing Rachet systems
5. Various of wire rope slings ( mechanical spliced system for lifting wire rope slings made to 4 legs, 3 legs, 2 legs and single leg )

We also provides slings to suit customer needs which refers to the latest international standard such as EN or DNV standard.

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