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Sun Jin Co.,  Ltd
Sun Jin Co., Ltd
Korea (South)
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Name:Mr. Daniel Kim [Sales]
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Mobile Number:82-10-6349-3485
Phone Number:82-31-836-9000
Fax Number:82-31-836-9005
Address:364-1 Ganap-ri, Gwangjeok-myeon
Yangju-si 482-841, Kyunggi-Do
Korea (South)
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Registration Date:Mar. 13, 2012
Last Updated:Mar. 20, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Textile & Leather category

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We, Sun Jin Co., Ltd., were founded in 1992 as a metallic yarn manufacturer. Ever since its foundation, our company has made steady investment in developing new technologies and products to supply high-quality products and realize customer satisfaction. Nowadays our products have been not only supplied to Korea' s leading companies, but also exported to United States and many countries in Europe, South America, and Asia.
In 2002 we built our new factory equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities. We will concentrate our efforts on research and development of new products based on our accumulated technical skills and know-how and our up-to-date production facilities. In addition, we will continuously strive to produce world-class products through more exhaustive quality control in every process. Our future business objective shall be to build up a reliable relationship with our customers by offering top quality products at the most reasonable prices.
We will grow into your true partner for future prosperity while growing with our customers.
Our “ ADDFIL” surely adds Brillance to your Fashion.

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