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Name:Mr. Jason Nguyen [Sales]
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Y!: export1.sunjsc Y!: export1.sunjsc
Skype: export1.sunjsc
Google Talk:  export1.sunjsc  export1.sunjsc
Mobile Number:84 915191701
Phone Number:84 4 36417715
Fax Number:84 4 36417714
Address:9th Floor, Cotana Building, CC5A, Linh Dam Peninsula, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Hanoi 10000, Ha Noi
Viet Nam
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Registration Date:Nov. 10, 2010
Last Updated:Nov. 02, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Mineral, Metals & Materials category

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Company Brief

With more than USD 15 million in worldwide sales every year, Sun Joint Stock Company is one of Vietnam company leader in exporting minerals.

Head office

No 22, 2/ 35 Alley, Ngoc Hoi Street, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Transaction office:

9th Floor, Cotana Building, CC5A, Linh Dam Peninsula, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


Sun has been partnering with customers for more than 10 years. Sun chemicals founded 2000. Our name was changed to Sun in 2008.


More than 300 associates Vietnam

Global Reach

Sun serves customer in countries across South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Sun delivers comprehensive programs and services to the Drilling Mud, Plastic, Paint, Steel, Sugar, Paper industries, ...

Sun is committed to assisting customers worldwide with their unique needs by providing them with comprehensive, value-added solutions and professional.

Business Units

Barite: Drilling Mud, Construction, Health, ...

Bentonite: Drilling Mud, Construction, Health, ...

Calcium Carbonate: Plastic, Pipe, Auto, Paint, Paper, ...

Coal: Steam Coal.

Talc: Medicine, Glaze, Auto, Paint, ...

Quick Lime: Steel, Sugar, Paper, Aqua, ...

And so many minerals.

We have many diverse ideas and many different people throughout our organization, yet we are still one company, one team - with one culture.

Sun associates are the company' s heart and soul. Hungry to succeed and passionate to achieve, we embrace the unknown. Fearlessly taking risks, we are confident in our ability to deliver results. We are eager and ambitious. We are tenacious and persevering. We surmount obstacles with grit and determination. Above all we enjoy our work, our company and our customers. That' s the Sun spirit.

Exceptional service, exceptional products. We delight in presenting premium quality in all we offer. No matter how big the project, or how small the request, we strive for excellence in our response. We cherish our company, and represent it with pride.

ambitious and aggressive, driven and determined, enthusiastic and energetic, we cultivate the opportunity to compete. We thrive on challenges, viewing them as an invitation to succeed. A true team, we work together to consistently please our customers, surpass our record achievements, and drive our organization to greater success. That' s Sun determination.

We are united by an unspoken pledge, bound by our convictions. We prize dedication and are motivated to help each other and our customers. We are dedicated to each other and to our cause, committed Sun.

We wholeheartedly believe in our company; its goals and objectives are our mission, and we enthusiastically embrace them and relentlessly pursue them. More importantly, we truly believe in each other, care and support each other. That' s Sun passion.

Professional. Reliable. Trustworthy. Honest. Our corporate integrity is a critical asset and we are committed to upholding it worldwide. We set high standards, and we abide by them as we practice business fairly and ethically. We share our expectations with each other and strive to maintain a work place built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.

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