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Box Almunium Silver [ Almunium Cargo Box]
Almunium Cargo Boxes for Various types of Cargo Vans, taylored to suit your needs and terrains.
Wing Box Built-up
Hydraulic Wing-Box, eases loading / unloading, with rust-resistant almunium alloy, suited for everyday use! !
Dumptruck FM JD
Dumptruck for HINO FM260JD. Designed for heavy use, suitable for offroad use.
Kabin Hino Lohan
Hino FG series cabin. Available in various classes: serviced, new, & Factory built.
Wing Box
Sea-Gull Wing Box. Capacity 57 meter cubic, 25 Tonnes. Almunium Coated & Steel Framed, suitable for long distance usage.
Bak Besi Expedisi
Open Cargo, widely used for transporting heavy-duty items.
Tengki solar Pertamina & Shell
Fuel Tank with double or triple compartments, equipped with full bottom loading equipments.
Bak Motor Harley Davidson
Specially designed open-cargo for loading motorbikes.
Wing Box Hino FL230JW
Wingbox designed for HINO FL230JW. Almunium coated with steel structured, constructed to load up to 25 Tonnes!
Kabin [ Cabin] MITSUBISHI Colt Diesel,  FUSO,  L300,  TOYOTA Kijang,  Dyna,  HINO,
Box Mobil Toko
Mobile shop, easy move around to find a good spot for the big sale!
Box Perpustakaan
Library Cargo Box for Pick Up. Suitable for on-road Library.
Sub-Loader, convinient for loading heavy-duty vehicle.
Tilt Gate
Tilt gate for Steel & Almunium Cargos & Pick up Trucks with Multi functions! ! Carry up to 1.5 Tonnes ! !
Wing Box Terpal
Wing Box with high quality terpouline. Competitive price & Easy to service ! !
Box Besi Container [ Steel Cargo Boxes]
Steel Cargo Boxes for everytype of Cargo Vans, designed to suit your need.
Body Parts MITSUBISHI Colt Diesel FE100,  FE300 dan FE70,  Fuso,  ColtT120ss & L300.
Bodyparts include Cabins, Chasises, Glasses, Mirrors and others, suited for Mitsubishi [ Colt Diesel, Fuso, L300, ColtT120ss] , Toyota [ Kijang, Dyna, Hilux] , Isuzu [ Elf, Bison] ....
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