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Sumber Jaya Surabaya
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Mrs. Candra [Director/CEO/General Manager]

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Y!: Y!: jenghui_jeng Y!: Y!: dew_ife
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Kedung BAruk 53
Surabaya 60283, Jawa Timur

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hotline: 082336494518
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Surabaya is a source Jaya UD ( Trade Enterprises) is located in Surabaya ( East Java-Indonesia) , which sell a variety of items to suit our needs such as vehicle batteries, house, water tank, Project Solar cell procurement, etc. both retail and wholesale. As we are engaged in:

- ACCU = Sell various kinds of battery vehicles / heavy equipment batteries, battery Genset, Forklift batteries, UPS batteries, battery toys, boat battery, Solar battery cell, battery industry with various Type & Brand of quality and warranty. Besides, we also accept / buy Aki used / damaged you with a high price.

- Property & Building Materials
Being an agent for the property you want to buy or sell a home. Tandon also sell concrete water cheaply.
As well as we opened a special branch to build and renovate homes or buildings ( contractor) with the payment system per period

- Solar cell, Solar Cell PJU, etc.
Prepared various kinds of renewable energy are best in class.
- And many more other areas that we can offer to you.

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