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Sumber Jaya Surabaya
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Mrs. Candra [Director/CEO/General Manager]

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Y!: Y!: jenghui_jeng Y!: Y!: dew_ife
Windows Live: jenghui_jeng jenghui_jeng
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Kedung BAruk 53
Surabaya 60283, Jawa Timur

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hotline: 082336494518
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Real Estate / Properti
Real Estate / Propertisales of houses and warehouses in Surabaya.
contact us for more information at 031-60507676

Kami sebagai pengembang perumahan dan perkantoran di surabaya, yakni berkantor di daerah semeolowaru.

jual bangunan rumah dan gudang di surabaya .
hubungi kami untuk info lebih lanjut di 031-60507676
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Jasa kontraktor bangunan dan eksterior/ interior .Kontraktor/ konstruksi surabaya


contact us as service contractors to build a house, shop, shop, and others.

Trust us as an expert. we have been competent for decades.

payments to be paid by installments, ....
We provide water Tandon bekwalitas using ceramic and septic tanks.
all sorts of sizes we ready! !
Hubs us now for reservations at : + 6281939777088
various sizes available
Tiang PJU bulat,  oktagonal,  hexagonal galvanis Berkualitas


We provide solar cell besides, we also supply Pole Street Light, Garden Lights And Assorted Decorative Lights.
Start From Pole Solar Street Light, Antique Street Lamps Nor.
Paket solar cell untuk rumah ( solar cell for household )


We provide solar cell package for homes with a wide variety of package 50Wp, 80WP, 100wp or depending on the needs of homeowners.

We as an authorized agent for the sale of....
Pagar BRC Hot Deep GAlvanish Surabaya
Hot Dip Galvanized and Electro Pleating

T60cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 5mm
T60cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 5, 5mm
T60cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 6mm

T90cm x L240cm x dia.kawat 4mm
battery box solar panel Surabaya
Wide range of sizes available battery box for solar cell project.
Hery project, SHS projects, or other electrical panel projects ( hospitals, malls, offices, etc.)
Jual Rambu  Jual Rambu Murah  Jual Rambu Lalu Lintas  Jual Rambu Lalu Lintas Surabaya  Jual Rambu Lalu Lintas Harga Pabrik Murah  Jual Rambu Jalan  Jual Rambu Larangan  Jual Rambu Dilarang Parkir  Beli Rambu Lalu Lintas  RAMBU  Rambu  Rambu Lal
We produce various kinds of Signboard & Signage ( Board Names & Signs Directive) for Outdoor & Indoor locations such as:
Signs Traffic and Parking
Signs K3 ( Safety & ....
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