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car battery/ aki kendaraaan /accu /aki mobil motor /aki UPS ,GAnset, Forklif
car battery/ aki kendaraaan /accu /aki mobil motor /aki UPS ,GAnset, Forklifwe sell many kinds of car batteries, motorcycle batteries, UPS batteries, battery forklif, various kinds of lead acid battery with a variety of famous brands.
we also sell on trade in or trade-known.
now there is a special place of delivery services in the area surabaya.

kami menjual aneka macam aki mobil, aki motor,accu UPS, aki forklif, aneka macam lead acid battery dengan berbagai merk ternama.
kami juga menjual secara trade in atau dikenal dengan istilah tukar tambah.
sekarang ada layanan antar di tempat khusus daerah surabaya.
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Accu / battery is suitable for all types of your vehicle. Special Car with battery type is the best in its class.
Enjoy Special discounts from us during this month. Prove it! ! ! ....
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Astra GS Accu Otopart not GS-Abal Abal. Quality number 1. There are various types: liquid and dry, and Hybrid.
Aki best car in its class.
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MAssiv best, strongest, best in its class. Do not miss this promo during the period while at low prices. Do not forget to change your old batteries to reduce the purchase price of....
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Accu Incoe is a Subsidiary of the famous, no doubt about the quality. The price is very affordable, widely used in industry, transportation, etc.
latest price per July 2010
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Accu / Battery with 3 months warranty for the user is highly recommended considering the price is very competitive and have the same quality with competitors. Many companies have....
Accept All kinds Accu / Battery former all brands and sizes ( cars, forklif, ganset, ships, UPS, etc.) .
Make sure you get the best price from us.
We accept all conditions.
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Accu dry today badly needed for users with minimal maintenance vehicles ..
Order now too if you want to get the best price from us ..
Do not miss our special discount with trade....
Great Promo of GISI Accu to welcome the anniversary,
serving purchase in large quantities.
The price is only rph. 80, 000 for motorcycles added.
Enjoy the other promo....
We provide a variety of AKI / accu DRY ( LEAD-ACID BATTERY Sealed) for UPS, Electric Bicycles, Toys, Emergency Lamp, etc..

With a variety of leading brands such as:
we provide the best battery in its class emergency lamp ( FUJIMA) for the needs of offices, factories, and household.
contact for booking on 0318781671
Priceby phone
cheap accu / battery cheap.
all types of batteries / battery for motorcycles and cars .. we provide all kinds of brand and type with distributor prices .. exchange your old....
we prepared various kinds of batteries ups ranging from the smallest to largest.
Fujima with best in class quality and warranty.
Call 088803257871
Aki Global of Korea.
Best in its class.
we are willing to provide the best service after the purchase.
we sell various brands ( gs portlac, Yuasa, ritar, panasonic, etc) , battery / batteries for harley davidson motorcycles.
for the region surabaya: we can inter in place
Yuasa NP series batteries are designed for use in both cyclic and float applications.The high energy density to weight ratio coupled with a wide selection of sizes and....
sell various kinds of brand Accu rocket Korean origin.
We serve the number of parties as well as retail.
call 082244454123
Various kinds of dry batteries GS portalac brands we provide for the needs ganset, UPS, etc.
Ritar battery for UPS, emergency lights and Ganset or Solar cells
We prepared various kinds of large vehicle battery with top quality of Accu-Accu other brands. we provide warranty for 3 Months. As for all kinds of vehicles, namely:
-Honda: ....
we sell battery toys with various kinds of famous brands such as fiam, Ritar, Yuasa, Gs portalac.
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