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Name:Mr. Joko Saryono [Marketing]
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Address:Jl. Cumi No. 33 Tanjung Priok
Jakarta 14310, Jakarta
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Registration Date:May. 19, 2009
Last Updated:Jun. 03, 2009
Business Nature:Service of Industrial Supplies category

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Pests can be a big problem in our environment, our housing, our offices, hotel, restaurant, mining industries, factories, or even tourism objects such as commercial aircraft, ships, buses, or trains.
Sanitation services of PT SUCOFINDO ( Persero) are systematically programmed through residual spraying for crawling insects ( indoor & outdoor) , fogging for flying insects ( outdoor) , using a batting system ( pellet, glue, gel, etc) or fumigation which may make each situation free of pest infestation for a long period.

We provide Sanitation and Pest Management Services
( Pest Control Service) consist of Fumigation, Termite Control and General Pest Control

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