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Siloxane powder

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Pack. & Delivery:20kg/bag
Specification:Silicone powders LYSI-100 is our new product of ultra-high molecular weight ( UHMW) silicone plastic additives without any resin carrier. It overcomes the weakness of traditional silicone oil as the plastic additives. And it has a large silicone content, ultra- high molecular weight, no precipitation, not slipping in the screw extruder and so on.

Typical performance:

Name LYSI-100
Appearance white powder
Silicone content % 70
Dosage % 0.5-2

Improving the processing performance, less extruder torque, reduced equipment wear, better mold filling and reduce product defect rate
Obvious lower the coefficient of friction, improve surface smoothness, enhance the surface silk texture scratch and abrasion resistance.
Enhanced fuel resistance, reduced smoke density, improve the impact strength and surface gloss of fuel resistance ( high filling) materials
Good stability, non-migratory and surface without precipitation.

Typical applications:
Modification of plastics, cable materials, elastomers, thin-walled complicated parts, silicone core pipe, plastic pipe and so on.
For PA , PC, PPS high temperature engineering plastics, can improve the flow of the resin and processing properties, promote the crystallization of PA, improve the surface smoothness and impact strength. .

Use methods:
LYSI-100 mixed with the resin at a certain proportion, then molding or pelleting directly.
Recommend dosage: when added at 0.5% to 2% , can improve the productý s processing, liquidity and mold release. At a high level: 1% to 5% can improve the surface properties ( smoothness, finish, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance) .
25Kg, paper bag

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