SIDO MUMBUL Kitchen & Home Appliances Surabaya - Pusat  Grosir Barang Pecah Belah, Plastik Rumah Tangga & Alat Dapur Pasar Turi, Jln. Dupak 63, Pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, Surabaya, 031-5469330 / 72518084, BBM PIN = 228B81D4 / 7F9C51C8, WA = +6282143438
Business Nature: Manufacturing, Trade of Home Supplies category

Company Brief

Our company is engaged in the distribution of kitchen appliances, household and industry for more than 30 years in Pasar Turi, Surabaya. We sell locally produced goods and imports with the price and quantity parties ( wholesale) for resale.

Some brands of goods that we sell are the Lion Star Plastics, Maspion, Global Eagle and many more. For complete information please see our Product Catalog page or you can directly visit our showroom at jalan Dupak 63 / Pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, Surabaya. Work hours are Monday until Saturday on 10: 00 to 17: 00 WIB. Our Location is neither in Dupak Grosir ( DG) nor Pusat Grosir Surabaya ( PGS) .

With the support of local and national suppliers, we are ready to meet your business needs such as aluminium wares, glass wares, plastic wares, stainless steel wares, ace hardware, etc.. Contact us immediately to do business with us.

We also serve the needs of hotels, hospitals, cafe, restaurants & catering. To order the product can be made via telephone, short message service ( SMS) , Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM) with a system of cash payments ( bank transfer / cash) . Payment can be made after receiving confirmation from us over the availability of the required amount of product. If you are serious, please do not send e-mails to us without prior confirmation.
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