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Pedal Exustar Bekas kondisi 90% baik ada goresan bekas pakai
Pedal Exustar Bekas....

Price: Rp.250.000,-

Body 6061 aluminum, CNC-machined body, anodized, replaceable pins.

Axle CNC-machined Cr-Mo.

Bearings LSL bushing & sealed.

Size 103 x 100 mm

Weight 195 g/ pc


Price: Rp.550.000,-

Weight: Ti: 175g/ pr
Cr: 210g/ pr
Body: Aluminum 6061 CNC
Spindle: Titanium or Cromoly
Bearings: 1 Cartridge
Bushings: 1 DU
Seal: 1 Rubber

MTB Mud protector....

Price: Rp.250.000,-

MTB Mud protector
Can be installed and removed without tools
Fits on all frames
Excellent protection
Soft scratch protectors between the mudguard and the frame
Profiled to....


Price: Rp.275.000,-

Weight | 25g/ 2PCS
Packing | 2pcs/ Box
Color Item No.
RED 0050320001
BLUE 0050320002
GOLD 0050320003
GREEN 0050320004
ORANGE 0050320005

Giant XTC 3 Black Blue
Giant XTC 3 Black....

Price: Rp.30 jt

Frame Giant XTC 3
Shock Spinner Ajusable
F Hub Shimano SLX
Rear Hup Shimano XT
Jari Jari & Niple Red Alloy
Ban luar 26 " 2pc ( Michellin)
Velg Alexriem EN 24
Crank Shimano....

Bottom Bracket ( TOKEN Keramik RED,  GREEN,  BLUE,  GOLD )
Bottom Bracket ( ....

Price: Rp.850.000,-

Titanium coated. Specially designed for use with integrated cranksets. Compatible with Shimano groups.
Brand: Token
Model: TK877TBT
Model Year: 2009
Materials: Tiramic....

Crank Brothers Cobalt Foam Grip
Crank Brothers....

Price: Rp.285.000,-

Crank Brothers Cobalt Foam Grip

The Crank Bros Cobalt grip is made of high density foam with a polypropylene core. This makes it not only comfortable to grip but also very....

Hand Grip Sepeda Answer Red
Hand Grip Sepeda....

Price: Rp.325.000,-

Aluminum clamps secure the grip on both ends using hex wrench XC model has thick pattern grip area, DH model has thin knurled grip area Includes Lock-On grips, clamps, and end....

HEXUS 16 F ( TOP PEAK Tools)
HEXUS 16 F ( TOP....

Price: Rp.210.000,-

Tools 16 total
Allen Wrenches 2/ 2.5/ 3/ 4-2 piece/ 5/ 6/ 8mm
Spoke Wrenches 15g/ 14g
Chain Tool Cast CrMo Steel
Chain Hook Steel Wire
Tire Levers Two Engineering....

The JoeBlow Sport
The JoeBlow Sport

Price: Rp.400.000,-

The JoeBlow Sport has set the standard for affordable performance. The fast selling sport is a shop favorite.
Includes TwinHead™ .
Head TwinHead™

Barrel Painted Steel

FlashStand™ FAT ( TOP PEAK) / Standar Sepeda
FlashStand™ FAT ( ....

Price: Rp.375.000,-

FlashStand™ Slim has a new fat cousin! Designed to work with wider MTB crank arms, FlashStand™ FAT slips over non-drive side mountain bike crank arm to hold mountain bikes upright....

Crank Brothers Power Pump Pro
Crank Brothers Power....

Price: Rp.650.000,-

* Material: composite barrels

* Use: Road, Mtb
* Max Pressure ( psi) : 100
* Valve type: Schrader, Presta
* Weight ( g) : 138
* Length ( mm) : 175
* Gauge: Yes
The Power....

Wheel Set Crank Brother
Wheel Set Crank....

Price: Rp.11jt


* 1135.1g rear wheel
* 981.3g front wheel
* 6.4g tubeless valve

wheelset Fulcrum Red metal 5 ( 26  )
wheelset Fulcrum Red....

Price: Rp.3.3 jt

The Red Metal 5 are the entry-level wheels in the Fulcrum Off-road range. They are designed to improve the performance of your bicycle thanks to the Fulcrum innovations: Two-to....

Skewers Crank Brother
Skewers Crank....

Price: Rp.850.000,-

* Front weight: 61g
* Rear weight: 66g
* Front length: 100mm
* Rear length: 135mm

Two stage quick release skewer, using a split lever design to improve clamping force and to....

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