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Sell : LEM G  Nov. 17, 2014 10:44:31

We sell G Glue for wood, metal , plastic and other very strong glue, we are looking for partner in east Indonesia

Supplier: Priority Member TOKO SINAR MAS [Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : alat pelindung diri, rompi pelindung peluru, pakaian anti peluru murah, toko grosir jaket anti....  Nov. 10, 2014 14:44:20

    Specification » Product Knowledge« Level ballistic bulletproof vest consists of four levels of levels, namely level of 1.2 A, 2.3 A, 3 & Level 4. Material bulletproof vests are made from....

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  • Sell : PIPA PVC SUPER INTILON  Sep. 5, 2014 11:26:52

    The company distributes plastic pipe systems and solutions for tap water, surface heating and cooling, soil and waste, rain and storm water, distribution of drinking water and gas and telecom....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT Adibrata Graha ( Divisi Pipa) [Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : Silikon Sealant Karet  Feb. 25, 2014 11:58:47

    Silicone Sealant Gets Used For Almost All Types of Building Materials. After Many Years Developed, Get Used To Polycarbonate Plastic, Glass and Window Applications Water Resistant, Supplies And....

    Supplier: Priority Member PT Surya Graha Dekoratama [Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : Pre insulated PU Foam panel for duct insulation  Aug. 28, 2013 22:57:39

    Polyurethane foam pre-insulated duct has been developed and spread around the world, as its application has been gradually extended to all type of air distribution system such as industrial, ....

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    Sell : " SEVEN" ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANEL  May. 13, 2013 16:18:41

    Ready stock Jakarta and Surabaya. all color 45. Polyester0.21. PVDF 39 color PVDF.0.3 and 0.5. PVDF 19 color. Uk.1.22 x 4.88 and 1.22 x 2.44.

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  • Sell : Resin fiberglass anti kimia LP 1Q EX  Feb. 4, 2013 0:36:02

    Yukalac® LP-1Q-EX is a bisphenolic type resin specially designed for excellent heat and chemical resistance, used for FRP products. Polyester resin based on Bisphenol-A is highly resistant to....

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  • Sell : Epoxy 1021  Oct. 7, 2007 11:35:31

    Epoxy 1021 is a two component solvent free Epoxy Resin, specially designed bonding agent for metal, plastic ( except PP; PE) , rubber, wood, concrete, etc. The cured resin exhibits several outstanding....

    Supplier: Priority Member PD. Sido Jaya [Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : Sell air duct flange& accessories  Oct. 9, 2014 19:23:46

    Supply PVC air duct flange and accessories for HVAC duct fitting

    Supplier: Yuansen Group [Chongqing, Chongqing, China]
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  • Sell : Menjual Wallpaper Sticker Partai Eceran  Aug. 24, 2014 22:13:00

    Wallpaper Sticker with the latest design, easy to install, already have glue in it. easy Do It Yourself. Will stick to any surface wood, wall, steel etc.

    Supplier: Surya Sakti Store [Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : Compond Joinx, lem epoxy demp x, septik tank Bio X  Jul. 1, 2014 11:43:23

    We are perodusen penbuatan paint, glue, compond, bio septic tanks, and we also accept / take-related services such constructs buildings, wastewater treatment ( STP, WTP, etc)

    Supplier: Warna Alpha Mandiri Perkasa [jakarta barat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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  • Sell : 3M Filament Tape 8934 Clear, 12 mm x 55 m  Jun. 28, 2014 11:28:17

    3M Filament Tape 8934 is a clear polypropylene backing reinforced with glass yarn filaments with a synthetic rubber resin adhesive. General purpose, light duty filament reinforced strapping tape....

    Supplier: TEMBONG AGUNG CIKARANG [Bekasi - Cikarang / Delta Mas, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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    Sell : SEALANT BOSS PU25  Jun. 24, 2014 16:30:14

    FEATURES • Excellent adhesion on almost any type of surface, with or without the use of special primers • Excellent extrusion, tooling and storage stability over wide range of climatic ....

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  • Sell : Tile adhesive  Jun. 24, 2014 9:00:35

    CERASTICK is a white acrylic based adhesive specially developed for fixing ceramic tile to all internal walls and floors in dry or intermittently wet locations, e.g. domestic showers, kitchens and....

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  • Sell : Kamera Mata-Mata Wireless, hub : 0852 1081 5321, ( audio + video ) berupa Ikat Pinggang memory up to....  Jun. 19, 2014 15:22:05

    Our Buckle DVR gives you the ability to perform personal investigation, conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important.Ideal for hidden....

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