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PT Sanko Material Indonesia Import, Export, Rewinding, Slitting & Cutting wide range of Protection Tapes,
Electrical Tapes and Industrial Tapes for various industries as follows:

Automotive Industries, Advertising Label Materials, Air Conditioning Industries, Aluminum Extruder, Bag Sealer, Building Insulation, Contractor Insulation , Corrosion Control, Cable Industries, Electronics Industries, Electrical Industries, Embroidery, Furniture Industries, Floor Marking, Food Packaging Process, Garment Industries, Glass Industries, Kitchen Sink and gas stove deep draw ( stainless press) Industries, Label Materials, leather hand bag industries, Packaging Industries, Paper Industries, Plastic Industries, Ply wood Industries, Printing Industries, Refrigeration Industries, Shoes Industries, Stainless Steel fabrication, Toy Industries, etc

Ø For Surface Protection, Glossy, Moderate, Rough Surface to avoid Scratch, Dust and Avoid Liquid Chemical contamination while Assembling Process and Transportation.
Ø Available Transparent, Emboss, Blue, Black/ White with Adhesion Low, Medium, High and Super high Adhesion.
Ø Code Item: PR901T, PR902E, PR915T, PR915H, PR930T, PR960T, PR980T, PR955B
Ø Applied for Flat Glass Industries, Plastic Injection Parts, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, Acrylic Industries, Electronics Assembling, Stainless steel Industries, Aluminum fabricator, Gas stove industries, Furniture and Building Construction.

Ø For Cable Wrapping, Insulation System
Ø Available Glossy Black, Matt Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey, with adhesive type and Non adhesive type, without adhesive melting even motor bike running for 24hours
Ø Item Code: IF5XTL, IF5V1T, IF5V4T, IF5A4TL, IF5B4TL, PVN4, QF8X1, IF50, IF51, IF52, IF53, IF54, IF55, IF56
Ø Applied for Motor cycle, Car motor, forklift, speed boat, roller, auto lifter, and heavy equipment.
Ø For Foam Lamination, Joining, Cushioning, leather fixing , sealing security, substitute for adhesive.
Ø Available Economy 80micron, standard 100micron, Taiwan Quality 130micron, USA Quality 150micron.
Ø Item Code: DS3S, DS3Y, DS3H, DS40MC, DS50
Ø Applied for PE, PU, EVA foam Industries, Garment, Shoes industries, hand bag industries, Jacket Industries, envelop sealing, Electronics Name plates.

Ø Low Frequency Transformer Insulation, Degaussing coil wrapping and insulation
Ø Available 50micron, 75micron Assorted colors UL List & Rohs compliance
Ø Item Code: MY90ZH, MY91ZH, MY9YLZH, MY92, MY93ZH, MY94ZH, MY97ZH
Ø Applied for Transformer manufacturing, Degaussing Coil manufacturing, Electronics Component PCB Auto insert.

Ø For warehouse, factory lay out, floor marking, indication, warning and dangerous area sign
Ø Available Zebra cross color Black/ Yellow, mono color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green & white.
Ø Item Code: PV9K, IA30, IA31, IA32, IA33, IA34, IA35, IA36, IA37
Ø Applied for all industrial factories, warehousing & storage management who want floor lay out Good performance, tidy, and cleanly, also applied for ISO9001 standard storage management system.

Protection Tapes, Electrical Tapes& Industrial Tapes Fabrication

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