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KETT Science Of Sensing USA
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KETT Science Of Sensing USA

Kett provides test equipment and solutions for industrial and agricultural concerns to accurately assess,
monitor and improve the quality of their processes and products. Serving you since 1945, we strive to
provide the most reliable, precise equipment and highest level of customer support available.

1. Near Infrared Analyzers

* KJT270 Desktop Composition Analyzer
* KJT270F Fiber-Optic Composition Unit
* NIR Moisture Meters
* KJT550 NIR Online Composition Analyzer
* KJT450 NIR Composition Analyzer
* KJT Composition Analyzers
* KJT30 Low Cost Process Analyzer
* KJT10 High Speed NIR Moisture Meter
* Tracker Software

2. Moisture Balances

* FD720 Advanced Moisture Balance
* Micro-Moisture Balance - 49KBsmallnew
* Moisture Determination Balances
* FD240 Moisture Balance

3. Agricultural Test Equipment

* Rice/ Grain Testing Equipment
* Agricultural Testing Products
* PQ500/ PQ100 Grain Moisture Meters
* RN500 Grain Sorter
* CN700 Grain Colorimeter
* PT2600 Online Grain Moisture Meter
* OT300 Harvest Determiner

4. Wood Moisture Testers

* HM530 Wood Moisture Meter
* HI520 Multi-Tester Moisture Meter
* Pulp & Paper Applications
* MT100 Wood Moisture Meter

5. Coating Thickness Gauges

* Coating Thickness Gauges
* Wireless Coating Thickness Gauges
* Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

6. Surface Analyzers

* Surface Analyzers
* Handheld Tribometer
* Polymer Strain Gauge

7. Microwave Moisture Meters

* 94T/ 94L Microwave Moisture Meters

8. Laboratory Mixing Systems

* Mixing Systems

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