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DRB 200 Dry Thermostat ReactorLTV082.52.40001 HACH USA
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Hach’ s DRB 200 Dry Thermostat Reactor is the simple
solution for standard and special digestions. It is
preprogrammed for all standard digestions and can be user
programmed for other digestions. Excellent reproducibility
is assured because of its temperature stability. One-key
operation for standard digestions makes it easy to use.
A. COD – Take Home Messages:
a. COD is an indirect measure of organics.
b. COD is measured by oxidizing organics with a strong oxidant ( dichromate) and measuring the amount of oxidant consumed in the reaction.
c. Correlation between COD and BOD is sample specific and may not always be possible.
d. The COD test uses a strong chemical oxidant ( potassium dichromate) , acid, and heat to oxidize organic carbon to carbon dioxide and water.
LTV082.52.40001 DRB 200-1, 230 V, single block, 15 16-mm vial wells

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