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Name:Mrs. Dian Trikora [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Y!: toko.rumahanduk Y!: toko.rumahanduk
Skype: rumah.handuk1
Google Talk:  rumahanduk  rumahanduk
WhatsApp: 088210190964 088210190964
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. Dian Trikora at jakarta Barat
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. Dian Trikora at jakarta Barat
Fax Number:Fax number of Mrs. Dian Trikora at jakarta Barat
Address:Taman meruya ilir B XI no.05 Kembangan
jakarta Barat 11620, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Oct. 07, 2008
Last Updated:Jan. 13, 2015
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Home Supplies category

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Company Brief

Jaya Sederhana.CO
Our products are towels made of natural cotton, towel design produced meets the quality standards of universal, quality and appearance of the products we provide Customer satisfaction:

Types of Towels
Hotel towels, yarn double and single, and as a complement to our hotel bedroom is equipped with high grade silicone pillow, pillow Cover Cotton, and cotton Bedsheet
Households Ò Towels;
ð Palmer terry bath towel with premium quality, Concept, Cotton club
ð Towels for Sport, travel, beach towels, kimono, Kemben
ð Towel kitchen equipment: Lap-Hang, cempal, napkin
ð sleep Towel Supplies: Blankets Towels, bathrobes
Receive Ò Computer Embroidery Services and Making Souvenir Towel

Major Products / Services
  • Handuk dan Perlengkapan Hotel
    sapu Tangan
    Handuk sport/ travel/ hand towel
    Handuk mandi
    Handuk Pantai
    wrap: Hair wrap and wrap towel (kemben)
    Hang towel
    handuk meteran
    Handuk anak
    handuk Bordir
  • Handuk Prmo
    Handuk promo, membantu dan memberikan ciri khusus
    sebagi media informasi kepada pelanggan
    Paket handuk, logo dan packaging
  • handuk mandi
    Rumah handuk

    berbagai macam handuk mandi, terry palmer, shella, imperial
    dan handuk ponco;

    haduk character
    Handuk Polos
    Handuk Motip
    handuk Souvenir
  • selimut Rumas sakit
    Selimut rumah sakit dan puskesmas, strip, fanel dan bahan cotton
    tersedia berbagai mcam warna dan ukuran
  • Glass Cloth
    Glass Cloth
    bahan yang didesign untuk membersihkan gelas/ bahan
    keramik dan kristal, anti gores, meyerap air hingga 100%
  • Linen
    Bedsheet, Comforter, Quilt Cover, Damas, serbet, Pillow Case dll, Bahan cotton dan CVC

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