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zhenjiang ruikai bearing co., ltd
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Name:Mr. Τ [Sales]
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Y!: 704578617 Y!: 704578617
Windows Live: rkbearing@hotmail.com rkbearing@hotmail.com
Skype: zjrkzc
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Address:China ½­ËÕProvince Town ½­City East ½¼ÐÁ·áTown
Town ½­City 212141, Jiangsu
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Registration Date:Mar. 28, 2007
Last Updated:Jul. 28, 2009
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Industrial Supplies category

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The ruikai bearings limited company of the town is a professional manufactory of medium-sized bearings product, mainly producing the sale( bearings steel, stainless steel) deep ditch ball bearings, ( bearings steel, stainless steel) the Cape contact bearings, a row ball bearings, adjust the heart ball bearings and mark the bearings not.

The bearings is the heart of the machine product, the quantity and service lifes of the bearings affect the quantity of the machine product directly, affecting the prestige and markets of the related business enterprise directly, affecting ten thousand doors benefitses of thousand.The ruikai bearings company insists the quantity responsibility system always, take " the quantity first " as the root always, can satisfy the operation of various machine equipments high speed, the product useds for the railroad, aviation, ships, automobile, tool machine, electrical engineering, mineral mountain metallurgy, wind power, agriculture to use numerous realms, such as machine, a machine, engineering machine and the port machine...etc. extensively.

The ruikai bearings company own the import and export power to combine to have already openned the exhibition international trade, the company take " trustworthiness total exhibition " as the target, take " high quality, speak the prestige, heavy service " as the aim, new craft of aggressive development, new product, aggressive create the brilliancy of tomorrow together with you.

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