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Romansa Kosmetik
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Mr. Romansa [Marketing]
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Phone Number:
Phone number of Mr. Romansa at BANDUNG
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Mobile number of Mr. Romansa at BANDUNG
BANDUNG 40175, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date: Nov. 11, 2011Last Updated: Mar. 26, 2014
Business Nature: Trade of Health & Beauty category

Company Brief

With the experience and confidence of customers since 2004, we shop Slimming Bandung can assure you that the products we sell are AUTHENTIC and accountable. We would not bet the company that we have built to sell goods that are not qualified.

With the demands of our customers who want the online catalog Products we sell, so we are confident http: http: / / through the website will allow you to choose products that suit your needs you.

Among them:
1. Various slimming body.
2. Various growing bodies.
3. Various Drugs Health.
4. Various Whitening Face And Body.
5. Assorted Cosmetic Import And Everything Else.

Description More Complete Contact Customer Service We are:

NO HP: 0813 4365 4054
022 61343474
BB PIN: 7541C3E6

1. Mention the full name
2. Mention complete address + zip code ( to determine the postage)
3. Box shows how to plant fruit and slimming your order
4. Choose BCA / BNI / SELF / BRI for your transfer

Send to no hp: 081 343 654 054

Examples of SMS ( eg, your name Fatur Rohman) :
Fatur, Order 2 boxes, fruit & plant slimming, Jl 15 RT08 RW017 Paledang Village district of West Java, Bandung ambaran pralaya 14 520, via BCA
( Send it to no: 081.343.654.054)

Furthermore, we will reply the total price + shipping + bank brand.
Confirm your payment after the transfer:
sample sms confirmation transfers:
transfer Rp. 320 000 to 2 boxes via BCA and slimming drug, from Fatur ( Black)
send it via SMS to: 081 343, 654, 054
Packages sent neat ( plain to maintain your privacy.)

Payment Please transfer to:

Bank Account

AN. Fathur Rohman
Cab. flagpole

AN. Fathur Rohman
Cab. Roa Malacca

AN. Fathur Rohman
Cab. Jakarta
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