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Buku Yasin
Buku Yasin

Price: Rp. 32.000 - 35.000 / Pieces

Books Yasin Majmu Syarif
500 pgs.
Contents: Art Paper, Ribbon barrier,
Cover: Hard Cover
Bonus: Bag
Production time 6-7 days

Signboard 4x1,  5 m
Signboard 4x1, 5 m

Flexy Materials, Cutting Sticker Cover Oracal.Tebal 12 cm, 0.8 mm aluminum bindings.
Total time for 5 days.
Suitable for Shop / FO / Commercial / Rukan / Office / ....

Branding Perkantoran / Tempat Usaha Anda
Branding Perkantoran....

The concept used is to use vinyl sticker hires. With our reliable installation team ready to assist you in realizing your creations on the media wall, melamine, or other media.

Paper Bag/ Goodie Bag/ Shopping Bag
Paper Bag/ Goodie....

Price: 5000

Paper Bag / Goodie Bag / Shopping Bag.
Size: 23 x 35 cm
Material: Art paper 150 gr
Finishing: Gloss Laminated
Qty: 1000 pcs
Suitable for bag shop / store / boutique / event....

Branding Wall
Branding Wall

Price: 30

Branding using cutting sticker sticker.
By using a reliable power we provide installation service sticker ( vinyl, Cutting Sticker) and all kinds of kinds of stickers. For....

Signboard ( Papan Nama) Perusahaan
Signboard ( Papan....

Price: 500000

Signboard 4 x 1 m.
Material: Aluminum 0.8 mm
Finishing: Duco Paint
Flexy, Cutting Sticker Oracal.
Total time: 4 days
Suitable for business in Store / Boutique ....


size: 5 x 1 m
Hollow iron frame
Cutting Sticker Sticker Oracal Digital Printing.
Bending aluminum 0.8 mm, Cat Duco.
Work 3 days old.

Neonbox Alumunium 0,  88mm Bending
Neonbox Alumunium 0, ....

Price: Rp. 1.000.000 - 1.200.000 / Pair (nego)

Neonbox size of 3.73 x 0.5 m
Lamp Philips TL
Hollow iron frame
0.8 mm aluminum
Backlite Germany Hires
Neonbox is very suitable for an office building / mall / school / ....

T-Shirt bahan Katun Combed
T-Shirt bahan Katun....

Combed cotton Tshirt.
Available in various sizes from S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.
Screen printing with high accuracy so as to produce the maximum color.
Qty: 100 pcs
Time: 3 days


Plaque is the kind of objects made of certain materials intended use as a souvenir or kenang-kenangan/ penghargaa n for a person or institution that is very close to the fabric of....

Neonbox Alumunium Bending
Neonbox Alumunium....

Neonbox backlite Germany Hires
Size: 4.5 m x 0.67 m and 1.57 x 1.04 m
Aluminum finishing duco
Philips Lamp, Ballast Philips.
Done neatly and suitable for cafe / restaurant / ....

Polo Shirt Bahan Pique
Polo Shirt Bahan....

Polo Shirt
Material: Pique
Good use of materials and the heat is not suitable for office events / event outing, etc.
Print Technique: Computer Embroidery
Qty: 50 pcs

Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag.
Suitable for outing / camping show office or as a souvenir.
Print Technique: Silk Screen
Available colors: Black, Dark Blue, Dark brown, Dark Green.

Repair Neonbox
Repair Neonbox

Repair Neonbox
We accept repair neonbox for building / government agencies or private / college / school / distro / restaurant / cafe Jabodetabek.
Material: Backlite hires.

Huruf Timbul Stainless
Huruf Timbul....

Letters SS Mirror.
Done with the details as accurate as possible yield that is appropriate for your office.
Work 3 days old.

Backdrop Rak
Backdrop Rak

Backdrop shelf with multiplex layer material Melaminto and paste a sticker on the indoor high resolution. For the bottom shelf using multiplex and HPL, glass, sandblast sticker.....

Neonbox Stainless + Acrylic
Neonbox Stainless + ....

Neonbox with stainless steel and acrylic material cutting sticker affixed. In the box using a fluorescent lamp and a hollow frame. Very nice and suitable for your place of....

Branding Di Sekolah
Branding Di Sekolah

Branding in Schools on the wall ( the wall) .
Outdoor Sticker Hires 4 x 1 m ( 4 pcs)
Flexy Korea 3 x 7 m
Suitable for school, office building, Mall, Store, etc..
Time for....

Signage Receptionist ( indoor)
Signage Receptionist....

Signage in space. It is suitable in use for office interiors. With embossed shapes and lighting the lamp to give the impression of life and unsightly eye.
Material: Acrylic milk....

Branding Ruangan Kantor
Branding Ruangan....

Materials used are flexi frontlite German premium hires. Result: very nice and the atmosphere becomes bright office with an attractive design.

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