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Generator Van de Graaff

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* Design for electrostatics experiment, which extremely with low current intensity are needed
* Robust design and high quality material, provided long live of usage in laboratory
* Conductor sphere made from stainless steel of 220 mm diameter equipped with 4 mm socket on top of the sphere, use for attaching the accessories.
* Can produce sparks approx 200 kV in 5-6 cm length ( depends on ambient condition)
* Equipped with electronic speed control and 220 V AC motor.
* Can be operated manualy by moving the driving belt.
Van de Graaff generator
* Conductor sphere of 220 mm diameter, stainless steel material, provided with 4 mm diameter bush for plug. Up to 330 kV voltage, depending on ambient condition with spark length 50 100 mm.
* The Capacitance of the sphere is approx. 12 pF, and the sphere can easy be disassembled by lifting it upwards, so the principle of operation can be seen.
* The generator is operated by a 220 V AC motor with a motor speed control unit or by hand.
* The static electricity is generated from the rubber-band, and the two plastic-rollers. The lower roller is turned by means of a rubber-belt connected to a variable engine, which means that the current from the sphere ( approx. 6 µ A) , can be adjusted. Or, it connected to handle driver.

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