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Name:Mr. MAKMUR, SH [Administrative]
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Mobile Number:082347440917
Phone Number:04052310472
Fax Number:04052310472
Address:Jl. Pulau maniang No. 9, Pomalaa
Kolaka -
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Registration Date:Apr. 27, 2012
Last Updated:Apr. 27, 2012
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Mineral, Metals & Materials category

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PT. PUTRI ATHIYAH FAIQAH as companies are putting yourself in the field of mining, trading, Contracting, and services transportation ( hauling and transhipmentt) has a service based on quality of product, quantity, and timeliness.
Reality faced in mining deals, in particular trading Nickel Ore, in the face of competition and embody excellent service, professionalism of management system of modern claimed supported human resources capabilities and reliable, as well as the high absolute personality to be active in optimal competition and synergistic.
For it PT. PUTRI ATHIYAH AS FAIQAH in perceived events; starting from system planning and implementation, supported the ability of administration of the Office by using a computerized system to the accuracy and efficiency of work. On the implementation of operational activities in the field, PT. PUTRI ATHIYAH FAIQAH involves good professional grade labor control, field technical staff, and technical power

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