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Name:Mrs. Ririen [Sales]
Mobile Number:081284848400
Phone Number:62-021-42872669
Fax Number:62-021-4263623
Address:JL.BUNGUR BESAR RAYA NO. 37-B (Belakang Golden Truly Gn. Sahari / Seberang BCA Bungur)
JAKARTA PUSAT 10620, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Sep. 22, 2007
Last Updated:Feb. 12, 2014
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Automobile category

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Company Brief

Prima Jaya AC is peripatetic company is area [ by] sale Spare Parts Auto Airconditioning Car, In the field of market development of effort for we enough yielding in the middle of this world economic crisis, we also develops business in the field of special service service of car ac is added with science in the field of our internet also starts does recognition of our company generically, For service service company we have high credibility many people / customer which very-very trusts in our service, all car types having problem we can handle carefully and correct so that there is no disappointment at our customer and that can be proved ! , We also wish to develop company we to become best between to be special best for service area so that we can give trustworthy service made our customer, we also requires our company supporter create associate which can develop Prima Jaya to become best, you are enthusiastic ! please send you e-mail to Primajaya_ac@ yahoo.com. to see our website in htpp: / / Primajaya-ac.com

Major Products / Services
  • Serivice AC Mobil Bergaransi
    Kami menerima service dan pemasangan AC Mobil dari segala merk mobil terbaru ataupun lama, DENSO, SANDEN, SEIKO-SEIKI, ZEXEL ataupun lainnya dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau dari pemilik mobil serta segala macam permasalahan AC Mobil anda. Silakan hubungi kami

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