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1. Our Manufacturing is Sawmill, like Mahogony, Durian Tree, Fruit Tree, Hardwood tree, serai, Jackfruit wood, Fruit wood, we buy direct from FarmerWood, then we cut the tree, but the Root stiil have 30-50 Cm tree trunk, after that can making a beutiful for the Table, Chair, etc. we concent the root & Sawmill the tree, we can delivery, how the custumer want
2. Electronic : anthik Turn Table, Power & amplifier Tube, Electronic Service.
3. Produce, such as, Patchouli oil , Pala, coconut shell Charcoal, Kapok, Ginger, Sago Tree
4. We are collectors - hand goods, such as waste plastic, glass / Glass, bottles, drums, metal, metal brass, copper, and others - others, buy and sell with the general market price, encouraging cooperation by establishing joint ventures in the land leased / certain places of business, if you are interested to find out more contact us
5. we selling second car

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