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Vertical transport freight elevator is used to transport people or goods. Lift is commonly used in high-rise buildings, usually more than three or four floors. Buildings usually have only a lower stairs or escalators. The elevators in the modern era has buttons that can be selected according to the passengers their destination floor, There are three types of machines, ie Hydraulic, Traxon or fixed pulley, and Hoist or double pulley, hoist type can be subdivided into two parts, the hoist push drag and hoist.

History and timeline

Crane lift was originally made of rope. In 1853, Elisha Graves Otis, one of the pioneers in the field of lift, introduced to avoid the fall of the space elevator that lifts when the cord broke. The design is similar to a type of security mechanism that is still used today.
March 23, 1857 - Otis Elevator first installed in New York City.
1880 - The first electric Lift, created by Werner von Siemens.
2004 - Installation of the world' s fastest passenger elevator in the building Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan. Speed is 1010 feet per minute or 60.6 miles per hour while riding, and 600 meters per minute or 36 miles per hour down. Made by Toshiba, start from Lt. 5 s / d Lt. 89.

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Elevator in the house

It makes no difference to the door, the door of the same shape as usual.
The difference is when the door was opened, which lies behind it is a small room measuring 1.5 m x 1m.
Right behind the door there were harmonica door, like an old passenger elevator doors.
On the wall there is a button next to the center, top to button control, down to the phone if you get lost in the elevator.

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