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JAYA TEKNIK ( Kecepatan, Ketepatan dan Kualitas Terbaik Untuk Semua Pelanggan )
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Mr. Akhmadi Heru Widodo [Marketing]


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Jln. raya tarumajaya perumahan villa mahkota indah II blok c7 no.24 bekasi
Bekasi (Harapan Indah) 17213, Jawa Barat

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( untuk pelanggan JABODETABEK dan BANDUNG TERIMA BARANG DULU, baru BAYAR) ( Dapat kan harga TERMURAH hanya di JAYA TEKNIK) Jika Anda dapat harga lebih murah di tempat lain, Infokan ke marketing kami, Tawarlah bila perlu, agar mendapat harga termurah.
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TE 1 Rotary hammer

TE-C chuck ( SDS Plus) , 650 W, 2.4 kg
Powerful motor with high load rating

- Perfectly matched to the new Hilti hammer drill bit generation

HIT RE 500

Very high loading values with reinforcing bars in the range Y10-Y40 ( 400 MPa & 500 MPa)
Secured holding

High performance fastening with threaded anchor rod
PriceRp. 250.000 / tube
HIT-HY 150 Fast curing injection system

- The comprehensive HIT system offers our professional customers unique features

- Best handling

- High performance

- No waste
PriceKualitas jerman harga setara angkur lokal
The DYNASET TM Masonry Dyna Set Anchor is a steel ferrule threaded internally at the top with cross cut expansion slots across the lower half of the anchor. A solid steel tapered....
http: / / watch? v= PwcKsr6d1Pc
PriceRp. 1.000.000 (nego)
Hilti DISPENSER MD 2500 BOX 00338853

FOR HIT HY & HIT RE ( 11.1 OZ/ 330 ML & 16.9 OZ/ 500 ML)

For use with HIT 11.1 fl oz/ 330 ml and 16.9 fl oz/ 500 ml foil packs

http: ....
- A method of drilling / coring is used for making holes in concrete for pipelines, cables, anchor, etc..
- Sampling for the purposes of testing concrete compressive....
PriceTermurah (Sudah Terbukti) dengan kualitas yang baik
OriginUnited States
ChemSet™ Anchor Stud

ChemSet™ Anchor Studs are made from quality Grade 5.8 carbon steel to get the most out of adhesive tensile capacities and provide higher shear capacities....
PriceTermurah (Sudah Terbukti) dengan kualitas yang baik
OriginUnited States
Structaset™ 401

STRUCTASET™ 401 is a heavy duty Epoxy Acrylate adhesive for anchoring threaded studs and reinforcing bar into solid concrete, solid brick, stone, hollow brick....
Ramset Angkur Universal Pro 6 and Shure Drive Angkur RAMSET

Angkur Universal Suitable for all types of material.

Nylon anchor with a hollow base material which has a light....
Products / Services

Chemical Anchor
Chemical anchor usefulness is as follows:
- For installation of rebar / concrete iron in the concrete case of changes in design....
PricePasti Lebih murah dibanding Fischer/Ramset (Terbukti)
HSA Stud anchor

Expansion anchor with unique wedge design assembled with nut and washer ( galvanised version)

- European technical approval ( ETA) and fire approval ( IBMB) ....
HILTI Drilling and Demolition

For professional customers in the construction and building maintenance industries.

Throughout the world, we strive to be the leading supplier....
PriceTermurah (Sudah Terbukti)
Hilti Anchoring Systems Give You More Value

Innovative fastening solutions and anchor systems for the most stringent demands
Complete product line of chemical, metal, screw, ....
Hilti. Outperform. Outlast
Laser Measurement and Alignment System
The best in the measurement

1. PD 4 distance measuring tool - to facilitate the measurement of the daily....
PriceTergantung diameter
Hilti Anchoring System - Chemical Set HVU HAS ROD


- Heavy duty fastenings into concrete and hard stone

- Where dynamic loads are required

- Suitable for....
Price5.800.000(Nego), 3.500.000, 4.500.000
Measuring instrument with ketelitan to 2 mm.
with distance 0, 2m to 70m.

for PD 40 is equipped with a water pass and measuring distances up to 200m.

You can order....
PriceRp. 6.000.000
Mesin Bobok/ Breaker Hilti

Demolition of concrete and masonry, working at floor level or below waist level

- Corrective chiseling such as adjustments to door and window....
Diamond Coring System merk HILTI

The best partner for professional diamond users

Wherever you are, your Hilti diamond specialist is always close.

Diamond core drill....
Hilti Firestop is dedicated to saving lives through innovation and education

Specific firestop areas in internet
Highly trained salesforce
Customer service hotline and Hilti....
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