Situs Online Batu Mustika Antik Bertuah, Jasa Pasang Susuk
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Situs Online Batu Mustika Antik Bertuah,  Jasa Pasang Susuk
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Mustika Naga Langit
Price18.500.000(Termahar )
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Mustika Dragon Oval sky is round, flat bottom with a little pseudo-orange yellow color, in combination with the side of the green, natural krowok The top shape.

Mustika Sorcerer was formerly obtained by Kang Dayat grandfather, his grandfather Kala meditate / meditation at the tomb of Sunan Kanjeng Bob Proto Kaliwungu Kendal rural Central Java. Grandfather met while meditating on / in datengi a giant dragon that comes from flying in the sky and clouds. The dragon came and went to his grandfather and grandfather into the knee.

Sky Dragon Stone Energy is energy cool once, so the magical power capable of reassuring and soothing Mustika anyone who holds it.

Power Mustika has a very strong natural energy
Natural energy that exists in this Sky Dragon Mustika Very strong, insha Allah, be useful for anything, Multi Function depends owner of the most important for the good and not harm others, among others, are useful as Wasilah:
Absolute safety Bathin born,
Anti gendam Cablek,
Immunity ( to the test at any time by using swords, machetes, sickles, gobang etc.)
Anti Blunt objects ( can be in the test)
Wibawa charisma,
General Pengasihan,
Opposed to Type Special pellets,
In segani friend or opponent
Courage double
No shaking during a speech or speaking in front of crowds / Forum,
Penglarisan Enterprises Trade / Business,
Strong Goib fence,
Anti Jin Wicked / in fear and easily menahlukan type lelembut / Jin Wicked,
Reject Bala,
Goib service attack such as witchcraft, voodoo, witchcraft, sorcery, tedung, seven screens, etc.,
For all the hunger and the needs of the owner. . . . . Bi Idznillah

Mustika Sky Dragon is only Wasilah / syareat only energy present in this Wulung Sowo Mustika Snakes and absolute property of the will and permission of Allah.

Make this Mustika means to strengthen our faith and devotion to Allah only " What-what' s in the face of this Earth in his hands, not any one thing without His permission Powerful "
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