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eters SRT801  Products Catalog:Bench Type Digital Multimeters SRT802  Products Catalog:Digital Bench Type Autoranging True RMS Multimeters SRT803  Products Catalog:Bench Type Digital Multimeters SRT804  Products Catalog:Bench Type Digital Multimeters SRT805A  Products Catalog:Auto range Bench top Digital Multimeter VC8045 4 1/ 2  Products Catalog:Low Cost USB Disposable Temperature Data Logger  Products Catalog:USB Temperature/ Humidity Data Logger UTH179  Products Catalog:Suhu dan Kelembaban Datalogger DL1150  Products Catalog:Dual Temp datalogger DL1620  Products Catalog:Temperature and Humidity Data Logger DL1155 
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ZD-06 Alat Ukur pH dan Kelembaban tanah
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ZD-06 with 30 cm long stem. It can get deeper into soil where a lot of plant roots are. Allows accurate measurement.
Range: PH: 3-8 pH ;
Accuracy: + / - 0.3pH
Moisture: 1-8 ( 10% -80% )
Measurement accuracy : ± 1% RDG d + 1
Weight: 160g
Notes: Soil pH value is a very important factor for the quality of crops. Most of crops cannot survive in too acid or too alkaline soil. Get the right pH reading for your Crop is very important.
- Packing: hanging card blister
ZD-06 ( meter size: 41* 5cm/ dia)
21.0kgs/ 100PCS 79x55x43cm/ 100pc ( volume G.W.: 37.4KGS

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