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JoinMax Terapi Lutut dan Bahu RP. 2.580.000 HP.08128490761 ( AGEN RESMI)
PriceRp. 2.580.000 / Set
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OriginKorea (South)


Join Max Disk Dr. Knee and Shoulder Therapy
- Relief of pain in knee and shoulder joints are innovative, JoinMAX produce heat energy than halogen lamps and infrared, which seeped through the joints, relieve pain immediately.
- Surface heat and pure silver cathode with a high thermal conductivity. When the heat energy absorbed quickly in the joints, a natural antibacterial that is contained in the silver and antibiotics helped sink reaction
- The temperature in the memory unit is also equip JoinMAX. Coverage is also temperature programmed from 450 C to 650C so that the temperature is constantly regulated.
- relax muscles, relieve pain, strengthen joints, preventing further pain.
- Because the muscle joints are loose, if you wear JoinMAX before exercise or a walk ( 30 minutes earlier) , it will prevent joint pain due to fatigue.
- effects of painkillers on the knee joints has been recognized by the KFDA; JoinMAX has been licensed as a health tool yanga dedicated and have been registered at the FDA ( USA) .
Product Overview
Join Max Disk Dr. Knee and Shoulder Therapy
JoinMAX ( Therapy Knee & Shoulder)
JoinMAX, new concepts of therapy tool for knee and shoulder joints created by the Faculty of Biotechnology ( Korea Institute of Biotechnology) , Korea University.

With the power of infrared light waves between 700 - 50000nm, JoinMAX delivers heat energy into the knee joints, relieve pain and cure the symptoms in the knee immediately.

Who Needs JoinMAX
- People who feel sick at the time of his knee up and down stairs or moving the knee joint pain.
- People who feel pain in the knee joints when the weather changes or cold air.
- People who are rigid in movement and feeling uncomfortable in the knee joints.
- People with knee swelling or harden after moving in the afternoon and evening.

Recommendations When Using JoinMAX
- Because the muscles and knee joints become more relaxed after using JoinMAX recommended using JoinMAX before exercise or activity in the morning so they can run more relaxed.
- For more effective results it is recommended to use JoinMAX 2 or 3 times a day each for 30 minutes at moderate temperature ( maximum temperature is the temperature where the warmth is felt at the time of use) . Do not set the temperature too hot.
- Changes in temperature can suddenly cause the effect is reduced. So the temperature change must be done slowly for example from 45, 50, 55, 56, 57 degrees and so on.
- It is recommended that at the time of exercise should use a knee pad when the pain is reduced ( improved disease) .
- When using JoinMAX sure to have used safe-pad or long pants to avoid skin blister.

Join the Disk Dr. Max is a medical device for knee and shoulder treatment that are designed to follow the structure of the human body. This tool has been approved by the Department of Health in Korea through a series of tests after a long, long time. It has been certified by the USA FDA and European CE Mark Certificate, Japan, Korea, China and Indonesia. For reservations JOIN MAX, CALL: YOGA 08128490761

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