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Mitra Guna Instrumentasi,  081380328072,  021-37699537,  k00011100@
Mitra Guna Instrumentasi, 081380328072, 021-37699537, k00011100@
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Mr. Harry Silalahi
[Director/CEO/General Manager]
Phone Number:
+6281380328072, 021-37699537
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+6281380328072, 021-37699537
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Ruko Taman Yasmin Sektor VI, Jl. Ring Road Utara No. 134
Bogor 16113, Jawa Barat
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+ 6221-37699537, 0251-7543316
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Time HLN-11A - Hardness Tester, Hp: 081380328072, Email : k00011100@[Apr. 6, 2011 19:08:15]
PriceUSD 2,750
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Time HLN-11A is advanced, easy to use, hand-held Digital Leeb' s Metal Hardness Tester with large LCD display, high accuracy and wide measurement range. It is suitable for testing the hardness of ALL metals. Supplied with removable micro printer and wide range of optionally available impact devices. Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL.

Wide measuring range, for all metallic materials
Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL
Conversion to tensile strength ( U.T.S.)
Test at any angle, even upside down
Removable printer included
Six Impact Devices are available for special applications
Large LCD display showing all functions and parameters
Battery low indication
Power charging indication on the keyboard by LED
Fault distinguish in details ( E1-E5)

Hardness scales  HL, HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS
Tensile strength U.T.S range 374~ 1999 MPa
Accuracy ± 6HLD ( 760± 30HLD) error of displayed value
6HLD ( 760± 30HLD) repeatability of displayed value
Standard impact Device D impact device
Optional Impact Devices DC/ D+ 15/ G/ C/ DL impact devices
Max. Workpiece Hardness          996HV ( For Impact Devices D/ DC/ DL/ D+ 15/ C )
646HB ( For Impact Device G)
Min. Radius of workpiece ( convex / concave) Rmin= 50mm ( with support ring Rmin= 10mm)
Min. workpiece weight 2~ 5kg on stable support
0.05~ 2kg with compact coupling
Min. Workpiece thickness 5mm ( Impact Device D/ DC/ DL/ D+ 15)
1mm ( Impact Device C)
10mm ( Impact Device G)
Min. Thickness of hardened layers 0.8mm
Power Rechargeable batteries NiMH 5× 1.2V 600mAh
Charging time 3 hours
Continuous working time 50hours ( without printing and backlight)
Operating temperature 0~ 40
Relative humidity ± 90%
Overall dimensions 268× 86× 50mm
Weight 615g ( including impact device and printer)

Contact Us :
Mitra Guna Instrument
Lindeteves Trade Centre, Lt 2 blok C3 No. 6-7
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 127 Glodok Jakarta
Telp : 021-37699537, 0251-7543316
Hp : 081380328072
Fax : 0251-7543281
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