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ALAT LABORATORIUM MEKTAN * Alat Laboratorium & Uji Tanah* Alat Lab Teknik Sipil*

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ALAT LABORATORIUM MEKTAN * Alat Laboratorium & Uji Tanah* Alat Lab Teknik Sipil*
ALAT LABORATORIUM MEKTAN * Alat Laboratorium & Uji Tanah* Alat Lab Teknik Sipil*
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Name:Mr. Sahabudin [Marketing]
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Y!: mektantest@yahoo.co.id Y!: mektantest@yahoo.co.id
Mobile Number:0812.2073.8885
Phone Number:0812.2073.8885
Fax Number:022-6868692
Address:Jl. Raya Cipeundeuy No. 777 Bandung Barat 40552
Bandung - Indonesia 40552, Jawa Barat
Alat Laboratorium Teknik Sipil & Alat Laboratorium Mekanika Tanah
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Registration Date:Feb. 22, 2011
Last Updated:Feb. 26, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Business Services category

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Company Brief

We are Manufacture manufacturer and supplier of civil engineering quality control tools such as construction for road, bridge, buildings and dams, especially high quality products for soil quality testing, concrete, asphalt, stones and construction materials which usefull to determine the quality of constructions as it will lengh then its lifetime, ensure the quality of the construction and reduce the construction cost. Our products are widely used for soil mechanical, asphalt, concrete, mineral and other research related to civil engineering. We also provide distribution of laboratory equipment for construction/ material consultancy and education provider.

Major Products / Services
    SO-110A Hand Bor
    SO-130A Standard Penetration Test
    SO-140 Sample Extruder
    SO-145 Sample Extruder
    SO-150A Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
    SO-170 Corps of Engineer Soil Surface Sampler
    SO-200 Dutch Cone Penetrometer
    SO-210 Dutch Cone Penetrometer
    SO-250A Plate Bearing Test Set
    SO-260 Field CBR Test Set
    SO-270 Proving Ring Penetrometer
    SO-280 TVA Penetrometer
    SO-310 Liquid Limit Test Set
    SO-311A Liquid Limit Device
    SO-311B Liquid Limit Device
    SO-315 Plastic Limit Test Set
    SO-320 Shrinkle Limit Test Set
    SO-330A Hydrometer Analysis Test Set
    SO-338 Mechanical End Over End Shaker
    SO-339A Vacuum Stand
    SO-340 Specific Gravity ( Heating Method)
    SO-340A Specific Gravity ( Vacuum Method)
    SO-340B Specific Gravity ( Vacuum Method)
    SO-350 Compaction Test Set
    SO-360A Laboratory CBR Test Set
    SO-360B Laboratory CBR Test Set
    SO-370 Combination Permeameter
    SO-390A Compaction Permeameter Test Set
    SO-395A Compaction Permeameter Test Set
    SO-400 Sand Cone Test Set
    SO-430 Speedy Moisture Tester
    SO-450 Moisture Content Test Set
    SO-500 Unconfined Compression Machine
    SO-500A Unconfined Compression Machine
    SO-515 Consolidation Test Set
    SO-525 Direct Shear Test Set
    SO-525E Electric Direct Shear Test Set

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