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Name:Mr. Saeful Rahman, ST [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:081394410818
Phone Number:081394410818
Address:Jatibening Plaza lt.1
BEKASI 17412, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Nov. 22, 2004
Last Updated:Sep. 23, 2015
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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Company Brief

We provide laboratory instrumentation for pharmaceutical industries, such as :
- Dissolution Test Station
- Tablet Hardness Test Station
- Tapped Density Tester
- Disintegration Test Station
- Media Preparation Unit

We provide also consumables and parts for HPLC instrument for various world brand, i.e : Shimadzu, Waters, Hitachi, Agilent, PE, JASCO, etc. The parts available are :
- Deuterium ( D2 Lamp )
- seals and plunger
- pump parts

While we sell dissolution machine, we provide the parts and consumable as well, our ranging parts includes :
- glass parts ( vessels ) etc.
- mechanical parts ( belts, filters, sampling probes ) , etc.
- electronic parts ( motor, heater ) , etc.

Our new line product is now more various, available now some instruments for Metallic material Testing, Ultra sonic Coating Thickness Tester, and Hardness Tester.

We had also having new manufacturing division ( starts from 2008 ) , it will help you to build your own customized product suite to your need and application. Some instruments we' ve produced :

- Sampling apparatus, both for liquid and powder ( dry products)
- digestion unit for kjeldahl
- scrubber unit for kjeldahl
- rotary agitator for TCLP
- preparative apparatus for lab, such as :
- SS spatulas
- SS tube racks
- SS sampling spoon ( seamless )
- shaking element accessories
- SS crucible
- teflon beaker
- SS F1 calibrated weighing stone
- nitrogen evaporator
- fractional distillation
- water purification system

For Fisheries industry, we design and manufacture instrumentation and apparatus, such as :
- Protein Skimmer
- Closed System Degassing column
- Filters
- Rotary Drum Filter
- Hatchery apparatus

By products : Rotary Evaporator, Vacuum Pump, Chiller, Mini Spray Dryer, Melting Point, Kjeldahl nitrogen Distillation Unit, nitrogen evaporation system, Polyvap, Syncore, Extraction Unit, Freeze drying Unit, PH meter, conductivity meter, Osmometer, Hygrometer, Soil Tester, DO meter, TLC Chromatography, NIR Solution, Spectro photometer, HPLC, Spare part HPLC, D2 Lamp, Deuterium Lamp, After Sales service, HCL Hollow Cathode Lamp, Flaw Detector, Hardness Tester, Thickness Coating Tester, protein skimmer, rotary drum Filter, sand filter, degasser, Ozonizer, Ultra filtration UF, Dispersing Unit, Homogenizer, Mixer, Analytical balance, industrial balance, Titration Unit, Spare Part Disolusi ( dissolution Tester ) , RO Reverse Osmosis, Glasswares, burette, Clamps, Tripod, Sampling apparatus, accessories Lab, Fume Hood / Lemari asam, Furniture Lab, water bath, Overhead stirrer, Dispersing element, Tubing set : silicone, tygone, neoprene, viton hose.

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