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Paguyuban Lintang Sakti ( sejak 1978)

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Paguyuban Lintang Sakti ( sejak 1978)
Paguyuban Lintang Sakti ( sejak 1978)

Pesugihan Anak Dewa

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Specification:Pesugihan Child Dewa
Wedding unseen ( Ritual Sex)

Pesugihan without any risk, without tumbal ( victim) , take no sustenance children and grandchildren, without performing any rituals ... you' ll make a fortune by exploiting this pesugihan miracle. Dowry dowry so ... so ... does not violate religious teachings, etc. .....
Only stupid people are willing to believe a big lie like that! But crazy, it' s a lot of stupid people in Indonesia this beloved.
Want proof? Just look at the paranormal advertisements in various media mushroomed. Starting from behind the ad money, banks unseen, multiply the money, adding money at an ATM, pesugihan various types, etc.. All you wealthy promises no risk ... If not many people who succeeded them-bodohi stupid, how could they continue to rise ad.
Rich want a lot of money but do not want to work, want a fortune but do not want to bear the risk .... Where possible! ? ! We tell you, a fortune without having any work that was true there, but without the risk? that Whopper!

All property acquired by way of instant so all the risk! Smallest risk that you may think is a sin. The greater the wealth you desire, the greater the risk that you must endure. Well, now depends on you ... if you type of people who can afford to bear the risk? Bear the sin? If yes ... please continue reading.

The risk that you will face the smallest is a sin. ... Please just you interpret the word itself. We will not cover up by saying: " Oh, that' s not a sin, does not violate any religious rules, not a Shirk, etc, etc.. "

Pesugihan always there tumbal ( victims) of his!
Tumbal like what? tumbal ( victim) lives? Surely! .... lives what or whom? Well .... It depends .... depending on how much wealth you desire. Starting from the life of a goat if you want the wealth as a successful merchant wholesale market or a buffalo if you want the wealth like a luxury car showroom owner or a human being if you want the wealth like a big factory owners .... Or your own life if you want the wealth like a conglomerate.

Well ... what is your choice? want to be rich like which one? Or .... you are starting to be afraid to ...?

We inform you, that are intended to tumbal ( victim) on a human life is not like the picture you had in mind at the moment. There will be no people who will die ... .... There would be no people who have been strangled to death or eaten by a giant demon in the process of " penumbalan " this as you are often seen on soap operas on tv mystery.
Maybe on another pesugihan flow it could be some truth there, but here - on us, it will not happen. Which is usually like that is if you are dealing with supernatural creatures that wish only second-class to give a little but ask a lot from you. Never mind the difficulties and dangers of travel not to mention the family / kids even yourself might be tumbal, unfortunately you are not too rich, very rich ...
So if you' re currently " no business " with such low class and you are not satisfied will the results you get, please follow us. Secured the agreement instantly void your previous ( bond / contract) to switch and please enjoy the results so much more to follow us. Same risk may be even much smaller, why be satisfied with a little? Like people gamble, do not play at a small airport ... you win there is the possibility of not getting paid! So do not be half-hearted, remarkably wet, wash gentlemen!

Pesugihan Child Dewa
Pesugihan this type until now a kind pesugihan best. Best if viewed from certain angles the amount of wealth produced compared to the costs and risks which you should remove / live to get it. Pesugihan this type named Pesugihan Child Dewa when interpreted into the Indonesian language. Child sex ritual pesugihan god comes from the ancient Persian ritual of the science of wealth. You' re not dealing with a little devil but with the god of the Great ruler of the world wealth. You do not need to know how and its origins, you should know is that many people take advantage of the rich and famous the world in this way to gain huge wealth and power.

Beginning with Sex Ritual Process
Originally going to happen " promiscuity " among you with a woman who is willing to contain the seeds you ( if you' re a man) , or between a person you are with men who are willing to provide seeds at you ( if you' re a woman) .
" Intercourse " is a half-supernatural character, you do not have to actually violated or disetubuhi by someone else physically. If you are a man you should do is to do ( sorry) masturbation at times we' ve set. And if you' re female, you have to do ( sorry) masturbation at times we' ve set. Only then, once that' s all, nothing else.
For men, you really have to ejaculate. For women, you do not need to orgasm. The important thing is you " do " only and fantasize something that can make you sexually aroused great. Origin of " wet " , yes it is enough.
After that you are doing your seed and the seed of man or woman who are mixed and united into a supernatural Son of God fetal life which will become " tumbal replacement " and deposited into the womb of a woman who is willing to be a " bearer " to raise the rental .

Tumbal ( victim) Substitute
Child Dewa fetus will grow more and bigger day by day, just like normal content. Women who become " bearer " charter that would look like a pregnant woman within reason, it makes no difference. The difference only lies in pregnancy are much faster than normal human infants.
Exactly three months of 10 days ( 100 days) will be born the Son of God. But not born into this world. It was time that content will " disappear " just like that. Who had seen great content will just disappear, so the woman' s stomach " bearer " will return to normal as before shrinking like never happened before.
The Son of God moving nature, which we literally call it a dead man, but he' s actually going to live and become great as the unseen forces of nature there. It was he who became tumbal replacement of your desire to gain great wealth in a way that is easy, you give the " kids " you as the armies of the Great Gods.
Of course you are going through in your mind, soldiers for what? Well, stop up here, it' s none of you okay! Obviously you get rich just like you desire, and you do not lose anything in this life. Fair enough right?

Goodbye Poverty, Wealth Welcome!
Since the moment of birth ( disappearance) of the Son of God, then all the wealth you desire will be fulfilled. Your life that had been empas-empis debt being chased or threatened threatening debt collectors will soon turn into wealthy people with alacrity. Nothing is impossible, whatever you do, whatever you are doing it will generate big money for you. Goodbye difficulties ...

Main Street Wealth Terms
What should you do in welcoming the birth of the Son of God is that you must already have the business ( no matter how small) because the road through your efforts that the wealth that you dream about to come. If you work only to eat salary, no way. So it mandatory for you after suggesting to us the Son of God Pesugihan this, you must immediately begin a trading business whatever it is, for instance: open a small shop selling cigarettes, or try the mobile sales so anything could.
Our advice, so better sales / marketing, because if you open a shop / small shop will raise questions in people' s hearts around from where you can get rich with a sudden? the basic look of your efforts! If working sales / marketing' re not subtle, you could brag that it has successfully had the i-broker for a large project or successfully sell a product with a number of fantastic ( and indeed more or less like that that will happen later) . You understand what we mean?
Even before birth, your business, initially was a small and trivial to the more enlarged along with the enlargement of pregnancy is also the Son of God. Right after birth, you may have seen eye-head with your own, your business will explode! will not occur again by you to have time to calculate the results later.

Is there anything else you should do after all you desire is achieved?
None of your obligations anymore. No need to make sesajenan, burn incense, flower shower, read the incantation or other odd things. If any, you only need to save the " key " which later will be sent to you after the initial ritual performed by the best ... NOT LOST! ! ! If it is lost or stolen people, you have to repeat everything from scratch again ... if not, what have you got your will peter out and become poor again! Hope you remember this well ... Because tomorrow we will not be still alive and can help you anymore.

Are there any taboos have?
None of the restrictions again. Whatever your heart will do it! That there is that you will be " helped " to do whatever you want in life is particularly desire your basic instincts. There' s something big secret which will be notified about what you will get and what you can do to another human being after doing this, but not now, it is knowledge for followers only, suppose that the secret of a sweet bonus. If you are smart enough, you actually would have been able to figure out.

You should pay the costs differ between men and women.
If you are a man then the cost Rp.8.750.000, - with details as follows: pay the woman as a " bearer " rented for 100 days X Rp.75.000, - per-day = Rp.7.500.000, - plus fees ritual USD. 1.25 million, -
If you are a woman then it cost the same as above but plus to pay the " father " of the rental registration Rp.1.250.000, - to Rp.10.000.000, -

These costs will be reduced to only Rp.2.500.000, - if you do not have to use the charter, but perform the ritual beginning with your own partner ( not wife / husband alone may be) , and willing to contain fetal Gods own Son.

There are also some people who may be in financial difficulty actually perform the ritual beginning and containing fetal Gods own Son, the same is not the problem. Conversely there are also some people who use the rental as well as to accelerate and enlarge the results he wants. A maximum of 7 ( seven) of the woman who conceived the Son of God allowed at the same time for one person owner ( you) , more than that is not allowed because it would be " somewhat " dangerous because it will be difficult to control at the time of " birth " in the future. Also it seems very few people capable of doing intercourse seven times in one night!

Pesugihan Tumbal ( victim) Animals
For those of you who prefer to menumbalkan goat or buffalo course, this is way more " humane " although the actual cost is far more expensive than the result.
Cost is a ritual asking pesugihan Rp.2.550.000, - plus the price of goat who was pregnant with a special feature on the head Rp.3.900.000, - Total Rp.6.450.000, -
To penumbalan ( sacrifice) buffalo ( ± 10-fold properties of goat) ritual cost Rp.3.500.000, - plus the price of a buffalo female who was pregnant and also had a special mark in the head Rp.17.000.000, - Total Rp.20.500 000, -

Excess penumbalan ( sacrifice) , goat or buffalo is just the possibility of velocity results obtained and to avoid feeling guilty for some people who might be a little sensitive heart.
Goat or buffalo ditumbalkan ( sacrificed) were selected who had been pregnant big ( if any) , so no matter the time of his birth was imminent. The waiting time for you can be very short not like " Son of God " who must wait until 100 days ( three months) . When the good fortune to see a goat or buffalo that will give birth in a week, you' re really lucky. A week after the Ritual Penumbalan done, the wealth you desire will soon be found.

Note: Tumbal ( victim) buffalo have roughly the same results with tumbal Son of the God, yes it' s the difference ... they were very expensive and pregnant female buffalo appropriate ( there is a special mark on his head) is very rarely encountered.

Pesugihan Tumbal ( cut) Age
And lastly, for those of you who are crazy and desperate because squeezed by time and wanted results very quickly and at the same time ( exactly 10 days) and the result is tremendous demand and negotiations ( not by us! ) And willing to " menumbalkan " yourself own ( selling age) , please consult us. We can be your intermediary with " the Lord of treasures. "
We did not recommend, but it could be done, it' s up to you ... Rp.14.999.499 costs, - no more or less than 1 ( one) any cents amount. Please remember, this way only as a last resort, than you killed someone or committed suicide!

Request Consultation and Set Schedule ( registration)
1. For those of you who want to consult / interested about the ritual process pesugihan tumbal " Son of God " or pesugihan tumbal animal transfer of credits required to contact us at 150, 000 -
2. For those of you who want to consult / interested about the ritual process pesugihan " Tumbal Age " transfer of credits required to contact us for Rp.250.000, -
If not done there will not be served! ( This must be done to test the sincerity because a lot of enthusiasts who only want to know just for fun, I' m sorry our time is limited) .
Our contact number please: + 6281346360593

After that, please send your full name, date of birth, mother' s name, phone number and full address and what you want to check with a bright and clear to our email below: jamesescada999@ gmail.com
For those of you who do not have email, may consult via sms only, but should be concise and clear.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Tuan Guru H. Abdoel Arief Dj.G. Ust. H. Tengku Irsal [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:+6281346360593
Phone Number:+6281346360593
Address:Jln. Raya Tanjung Selor km.38
Pulau Bintan 76114, Kepulauan Riau
Catatan Konsultasi : Mulai September 2008, setiap konsultasi via SMS maupun via email hanya akan kami tanggapi setelah anda mengirimkan pulsa minimal Rp.20.000, - ke nomor kontak kami : + 62813 4636 0593 ( telkomsel)
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