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Pupuk Sulfomag Plus

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SULFOMAG PLUS ( Phosphate Compound Fertilizer. Fertilizers To Harvest Best Qualified)

Sulfomag Plus Fertilizer is a fertilizer compound that contains most of the macro nutrients that plants need, namely P, Mg, and S ( some elements of Ca-fortified formula) .

Enriched with essential micro elements Cu and Zn or B that are important for plants.
Partially processed acidulation which allows P elements dissolve in stages according to crop needs.
Nutrient-containing Mg ( + Ca) is very useful in overcoming soil acidity.
Not easily absorb water, so it can be stored for a long time in storage.
In its application can be mixed with other fertilizer urea, ZA or MOP.

Form: granules ( granules) and Powder
Packaging: Plastic Bag double @ 50 Kg
Special formulas tailored to the needs of plant composition

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Name:Mr. Sumarjo Adi Widjaya [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:087854617278
Phone Number:087854617278
Fax Number:031-8708214
Address:Perum Griyo Trisno Asri Blok E no 16B Mojoagung
Jombang, Jawa Timur
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