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Name:Mr. Hasnan Setyawan [Marketing]
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Address:Plaza ABDA 18th Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 59 Jakarta
Jakarta 12190, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Jan. 26, 2011
Last Updated:Jan. 26, 2011
Business Nature:Service of Energy category

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Jakarta, 26 January 2011

To Dear,

Project & Lagistic Division
BRI Building II Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.44-46 Suite 1708
Jakarta 10210,

With Regards,

PT. Eastern Logistics as operator of the Lamongan Integrated Shorebase in east Java Indonesia.
The Multy - User supply base for Oil & Gas Industry, and we hope the Relationship for The Advancement.

Gread is our hope to establish cooperation with your company.
With your opportunities and attention is an award for a partnerhip.


Hasnan Setyawan
Sales & Marketing


T: + 62.21.51401480 / M: 0813.100 350 19 | F: + 62.21.51401481
Plaza ABDA 18th / f Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 59
Jakarta 12190

PT. EASTERN LOGISTICS Operator of Lamongan Integrated Shorebase
Jl. Raya Daendels KM. 64-65, Desa Kemantren Kecamatan Paciran, Kabupaten Lamongan Jawa Timur, Indonesia
T: + 62.322.671.000 ext. 3010 | F: + 62.322.671.001

ISO 9001: 2000 - ISO 14001: 2004 - OHSAS 18001: 1999 - Certified by SGS & ISPS Code

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