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Alat selam / Scuba Diving Equipment
Alat selam / Scuba Diving Equipment
Alat & perlengkapan selam lengkap untuk amatir & profesional

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Kompressor Selam / Diving Compressor BAUER Junior II ( J2B) / KOMBA B-100
Kompressor Selam / ....

Price: Negosiasi

Bauer Junior ( Diving Compressor) :
Free Air Delivery : 100 L / min
RPM : 2300 RPM
Drive : Honda Petrol Engine GX-160
Weight : 46 Kgs

Kompresor Selam / Diving Compressor COLTRI SUB MCH - 6 / KOMBA C-100
Kompresor Selam / ....

Price: Negosiasi

COLTRI SUB MCH-6 / KOMBA C-100 Diving Compressor
Charging rate : 100L/ min-6m3/ h-3.5CFM
Driven by : Honda petrol engine 4 Kw
Working pressure : 225 Bar / 3200 Psi

Alat Selam / Peralatan Selam / Scuba Diving Equipment MARES
Alat Selam / ....

Alat Selam / Diving Equipment MARES :
HUB, BCD, Fin, Snorkel, Mask, Regulator, Octopus, Instrument, Dive Computer, dll. .

Alat selam ( Scuba Diving Equipment) AMSCUD
Alat selam ( Scuba....

Price: Negosiasi

Diving Equipment Amscud :
Cyl/ Tank, Regulator, Octopus, Mask, Snorkel, Fin, Boot, Hood, Knive, Torch, Wet suit, Weight Belt, Back Pack, Glove, Hood etc.

Life Jacket / Vest PROSUB # 2061
Life Jacket / Vest....

PROSUB Snorkel Vest # 2061 :
Single Bladder
Single Pocket
Oral Pipe
CO2 Detonator Fitting ( Optional)

AQUAPAC Water Proof Case
AQUAPAC Water Proof....

AQUAPAC Water Proof Case :
Water Proof ( to at least 5 meters)
AQP 100 - 110 Mobile Phone
AQP 220 - 221 - 240 VHF Radio
AQP 300 - 310 GPS
AQP 340 - 360 - 351 PDA
AQP 400 -....

Scuba Diving Equipment SCUBAPRO / UWATEC
Scuba Diving....

Regulator, Instrument, Fin, Snorkel, Mask, Wetsuit, Bouyancy Compensator ( BCD) , Liftbag, etc.

Kompresor Selam / Diving Compressor KOMBA L-100 ( L& W L-100)
Kompresor Selam / ....

KOMBA L-100 Diving Compressor :
Type : 3 XCylinder, 3 Stages
Capacity : 100 liters / min
Engine Power : 6 HP ( Gasoline) Brand : VANGUARD / BRIGGS & STRATTON
Working Pressure....

COLTRI SUB KOMBA / EOLO 300 SH ( Low Pressure Compressor) for Surface Air Diving System

EOLO 300/ SH - 10 cfm Honda Petrol :
- Charging rate : 300l/ min - 18m3/ h -
10.5 cfm
- Working pressure : 8 Bar 120 psi
- Rpm pumping unit : 1100
- Driven by : Honda petrol....

Diving Compressor BAUER OCEANUS
Diving Compressor....

Bauer Oceanus :
For a professional performance, which offers toughness, mobility and greater air capacity! OCEANUS is designed to go on vessels, diving boats and expeditions.....

Kompresor Selam / Diving Compressor BAUER CAPITANO 140 / KOMBA B-140
Kompresor Selam / ....

Kompressor Selam Bauer Capitano :
The mobile unit " CAPITANO 140 " is designed for professional applications, where toughness, compactness and weight is of importance.

Diving Compressor BAUER MARINER 320 / KOMBA B-320
Diving Compressor....

Mariner 320 is a new generation of Bauer compressor range. It is the preferred choice for professional divers and emergency services. The unit is lightweight and compact due to....

Kompresor Selam / Diving Compressor KOMBA C-265 / COLTRI SUB MCH-16 SH
Kompresor Selam / ....

This compressor is powered by a 4-stroke petrol engine. The frame has been constructed to allow a thee phase electric motor to be fitted if....

Diving Compressor L& W 280E Compact
Diving Compressor L& ....

LW 280E Compact :
Breathing air and Industrial air applications, ideal for diving schools and ships, and for applications where minimum extras are required due to logistical/ ....

Alat Selam Regulator MARES V16 Proton Metal
Alat Selam Regulator....

Mares V-16 Proton Metal :
Compact, lightweight, and reliable, Proton Metal can satisfy even the most demanding divers.
The " all metal " technology, together with the VAD....

Alat Selam Regulator MARES MR12 Rebel
Alat Selam Regulator....

MARES MR-12 Rebel :
Consistent easy-breathing regulator.
Sturdy and highly-reliable, with top-notch performance
MR12 first stage
* Balanced diaphragm design
* DFC system
* ....

Alat Selam Regulator MARES ABYSS
Alat Selam Regulator....

Regulator MARES Abyss :
The absolute.
This regulator, tested under the most demanding conditions, is the ideal companion for your dives. It is absolutely sturdy, extremely....

Alat Selam Regulator MARES V32 Proton Metal
Alat Selam Regulator....

Regulator MARES V-32 Proton Metal :
All metal ideal for dives in very cold water. With oversized purge button for easy operation with gloves. The v32 first stage guarantees....

Alat Selam Regulator MARES V42 Proton Metal
Alat Selam Regulator....

Regulator MARES V-42 Proton Metal :
The V42 Proton metal scuba regulator has to be seen to be beleived. A truely compact regulator characterized by its all metal technology....

Alat Selam Octopus MARES Rebel
Alat Selam Octopus....

Octopus MARES Rebel :
A New Generation - simple, ultra-light and top performing second stage with reinforced technopolymer construction. The integrated V.A.D. system delivers....

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