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Furuno CH300 SONAR, Dual Frequency Searchlight SONAR, 85/ 215 kHz

The worlds first dual-frequency searchlight sonar Furuno CH-300 is designed for a wide range of commercial or sport fishing vessels. Its operating frequency can be selected from either 60/ 153 or 85/ 215 kHz, and the transducers are incorporated in one soundome. The high frequency of, 153 and 215 kHz, gives a highly detailed search near and all around the vessel. The lower frequency, 60 and 85 kHz, enables long range searches of over 500 m. With advantages of both high and low frequency, the CH-300 helps to search on a rough seabed and to greatly enhance fish school detection.

A variety of presentation modes are available: horizontal and vertical scan, echo sounder and the combination mode displaying horizontal and vertical scan/ historical/ plotter presentations. The combination of horizontal and vertical scan helps evaluate the distribution of fish schools in both the horizontal and vertical planes simultaneously.

The CH-300' s unique mix mode uses the frequency characteristic that high frequency beams receive stronger echoes from small fish, compared with low frequency. By comparing the returned echo intensity of both frequencies, this mode picks out the echoes of small fish and displays them in discriminative colors. Other echoes are displayed in the weakest color. This helps to discriminate small fish, such as bait fish, from the rest of your catch.

The CH-300 provides two target lock modes to track a fish echo and stationary position such as a fish shelter or reef. Target Lock automatically tracks the chosen fish school. In position track, the beam is locked onto the L/ L position specified by the target marker.

Standard package consists of a 10.4 LCD, control, transceiver and compact hull units. This separated system configuration provides a flexible and spacesaving installation. A Black Box configuration ( without monitor) is also available. The hull unit, whose travel or stroke can be selected at either 250 mm or 400 mm, will fit any boat where a 190 mm ( 7.5) internal diameter hull tube is available. A previously installed CH-250 can be changed to the CH-300 without dry-docking since both models use the same size hull unit.

Standard Features:

* Dual-frequency sonar incorporates both low and high frequency transducer in one soundome
* Optional Black Box system allows for use of Furuno or other commercial monitor
* Compact hull unit for space-saving installation
* Cross Section Scan allows instant view of the vertical plane in any direction
* Custom Mode keys provide one-touch setup for short-cut key functions
* Variety of display modes:
o Horizontal and Vertical Scan or Combination
o Mix
o Echo Sounder
* Pulse length automatically switched according to range in use for optimal performance
* Target lock tracks selected fish schools or L/ L position
* Multi-language menu: English, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish and Thai

Power Requirements:

* Transceiver Unit: 12-24VDC; 7.0-3.5A

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