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koperasi petani kopi Lampung Barat
koperasi petani kopi Lampung Barat

Kopi Luwak

Price:Rp. 1000.000./Kg
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Specification:About Coffee Luwak
Harvested by the wild Civets, catlike beasts with bug eyes and weaselly noses that love their coffee fresh. They move at night, creeping along the limbs of Robusta and Arabica tree, sniffing out sweet red coffee cherries and selecting only the tastiest. After chewing off the fruity exterior, they swallow the hard innards. In the animals' stomachs, enzymes in the gastric juices massage the beans, smoothing off the harsh edges ( coffee bitter caffeine jitters)

Canadian food scientist Massimo Marcone thought kopi luwak was just an urban legend. Then he did some lab work. He found that a civet' s digestive system does indeed remove some of the caffeine, which explains why a cup of kopi luwak doesn' t have the kick that other strong coffees do. The civet' s enzymes also reduce proteins that make coffee bitter.

Marcone is one of the world' s leading experts on foods, traveled to Indonesia' s Sumatran rain forest, where he collected about 10 pounds of civet droppings laced with coffee beans. He now uses it as " the gold standard " to rate other kopi luwaks in his lab at the University of Guelph in Ontario. Like a forensic scientist reading a bullet' s markings, Marcone stares at kopi luwak under an electron microscope, searching for striations that tell him that a civet excreted it. His studies found that kopi luwak drinkers need to be careful to avoid being duped.

Real kopi luwak has a top note of rich, dark chocolate, with secondary notes that are musty and earthy, the scientist said. An Indonesian coffee lover described the scent as the smell of moist earth after a rainfall, with hints of vanilla, the coffee taste stay longer in the mouth and teases the palate for hours after the cup is empty.

Other coffees, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, may score better on official cupping tests that judge qualities such as aroma, taste and fragrance, Marcone said. But they don' t come with quite the exotic cachet of civet brew. Today, the world' s only source for genuine, uncut kopi luwak is Southeast Asian civets, and most still comes from the ones foraging in Indonesia' s coffee plantations. That limits production to a craving for coffee cherries, and the digestive abilities, of a shrinking civet population.

Exotic Coffee, spent several years in research of the kopi Luwak, collected different coffee species across Indonesia archipelagos rated Robusta, Arabica, Arabusta, from Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara etc. Only the best and qualified as Kopi Luwak we offer to the market after performed the cupping test from every sample.

All our Luwak coffee bean are processes by hand, the bean are taken our carefully from the coffee parchment one by one, only reserve the best bean, cleaning, sun dried sorted, professionally roasted to get the optimum results. Have a try! A cup of kopi Luwak can tell it all .

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