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Kompos Organik l Pupuk Cair l Mesin Pengolahan Sampah l Pupuk Formula - www.kencanaonline.com
Kompos Organik l Pupuk Cair l Mesin Pengolahan Sampah l Pupuk Formula - www.kencanaonline.com

Pemupukan Terpadu Tanaman Kopi [ Coffee Fertilizer ]

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Quantity:20 kg per karton D/W K 200 ( 360x355x263 ) mm
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Coffee is an export commodity that was encouraging because it has relatively high economic value in domestic and world market, hence the coffee plant is one of the leading commodity. Indonesia became the world' s largest coffee producer after Brazil and Columbia.

In general, coffee plants require soil with a layer of deep, loose, fertile, many containing humus, and permeable, or in other words, the texture of the soil must be good. Soil texture / structure, both are soil derived from volcanic ash or which contain enough sand and organic. Such a rotation soil air and water in the ground goes well, do not want a shallow ground water, because it can rot roots, ground water depth of at least 3 meters from the surface. The roots of coffee plants require high oxygen, which means less good soil drainage and heavy clay is not suitable. Because unless the land is difficult to penetrate the roots, water and air circulation becomes bad. Similarly, heavy sand soil, in general, the moisture capacity is less, because less able to bind water.

In general, the coffee production in Indonesia is still low, at an average of 700 kg / ha / year, or only reached 60% of potential productivity. Efforts to improve the productivity of coffee, including by improving the quality of seeds, improved cultivation and processing, research and provision of fertilizer specific formula that is intended for the benefit of coffee plants grow and thrive. Efforts to improve productivity and quality coffee needs to be done, if given, is stable and its prospective price of coffee in the world market.

Tablet Gramalet ® Coffee is a complete compound fertilizer formulating specific coffee plant. Composition and nutrient content contained in each tablet is helping farmers and coffee planters in order to obtain various fertilizer nutrients at once. With full content covering the primary macro nutrients ( N, P, K) , secondary nutrient ( Mg, S, Ca) and micro essential nutrient ( Fe, B, Bo, Mo, Mn, Zn, Cl) and presented in the form of tablets 10 grams , tablet Gramalet have nutrients in a controlled release properties. Fertilizer formula registered with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia No: T905/ BSP/ II/ 2003 and has been certified and SNI.

By using a complete compound fertilizer Gramalet ® Coffee, fertilizer needs only 35% of the total amount / dose of a single fertilizer commonly used such as Urea, SP-36 or KCl. One ha of coffee yield ( TM) , for example, only requires fertilizer around 100-200 kg / ha / year. Therefore, the use of tablet Gramalet ® Coffee is very effective and efficient in order to increase farmers' income.

Single fertilizer needs - as recommendations related institutions coffee for the coffee plants at the age of 7 ( TM-5) , for example, 243 kg Urea + 216 kg and 241 kg of KCl SP will have equality with only 200 kg of fertilizer Gramafix ® Coffee.

Differences between the kg dosage recommendations on the use of single fertilizer, 700 kg / ha / a dose Gramalet ® Coffee only 200 kg because of the effectiveness of manure-Sow on the surface ( due to evaporation of surface water flow and carried away) - as is generally done farmers in general are 30 percent ( LPT Bogor, 2001) , and others wasted. While other known, active ingredient Urea, SP-36 and KCl respectively only 46% , 36% and 60% .

With these calculations can be calculated chance availability of nutrients is 92, 466 kg, equivalent to 13, 2% . That is the reason why Gramalet ® Coffee kg dose only 28, 6 percent ( 200 kg compared to 700 kg kg / ha / yy mixture of different single fertilizer recommendation.) Based on the above calculation, requirement or dosage recommendations Gramalet ® Coffee for TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TM-4 and TM-5 in a row per Ha / Th is 70 Kg, 80 Kg, 120 Kg , 200 Kg and 200 Kg. _____________________

How to fertilization by creating a circular trench as deep as the tree approximately 10 cm, with a distance of tree canopy project ( approximately 1 m) . Or, make a hole in the circle ( in the disc around the base of the stem) , define and drill point - the point / hole for placement of fertilizer in the direction of the four corners of the wind ( 4 points or up to 8 points) . Immerse Gramalet ® Coffee-half the recommended dose per year - that is to be divided evenly at every point at a depth of 10-15 cm from ground level. Fertilization is done once per 6 months or 2 times per year, could be fertilizing at the beginning and or end of the rainy season or any time of the garden soil is at a minimum moisture conditions for the release of nutrients from fertilizer reaction tablet.

Examples of the coffee plant ( TM 5) , with a dose of 150 g / Phn / yr or 80 g / Phn / 6 months, can be created 4 dots or holes, burying each - each 2 eggs ( @ 10 g) per hole per 6 months. After the fertilizer embedded, the hole is closed again. It is recommended that at the time of fertilization, about grass roots clean from pests ( weeds) .
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One effort to improve productivity in a sustainable coffee is to increase production by fertilizing tablets along with improving the condition of land with organic fertilizer. The use of organic fertilizer will have an impact not only can improve soil nutrient levels and productivity of coffee plants, also controls the parasitic nematode attack.

Organic manure compost can be made of agricultural waste in the form of ( residual crop residues) and waste agricultural industry. The application of organic compost with the introduction into the moat ( rorak) , size ( 100x40x40 cm) at a distance of 75 cm from the main plant. Events compost will help land the preferred coffee plants, among others, the top layer of deep, loose, fertile, many containing humus, and permeable.

Integrated use of fertilizer ( a combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers) will raise the present low productivity of 500 kg / ha / yr in order to achieve appropriate genetic yield potential can be up to 1, 500 kg / ha / yr * )

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