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Kompos Organik l Pupuk Cair l Mesin Pengolahan Sampah l Pupuk Formula - www.kencanaonline.com
Kompos Organik l Pupuk Cair l Mesin Pengolahan Sampah l Pupuk Formula - www.kencanaonline.com

Mesin Kompos ( Compost Machine) RKE-2000L

Price:Rp 29.500.000,- Per Unit ( Loco Factory Bandung)
Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Quantity:Per 1 Unit CKD
Pack. & Delivery:Pallet Kayu

Composting is one alternative treatment of organic solid waste ( organic solid waste) that can be applied in Indonesia, given the raw materials mainly urban waste ( municipal waste) are available in abundance, and appropriate technology for the composting process had been mastered in the country. In terms of environmental interests, composting can reduce the volume of waste being dumped into the Final Disposal ( landfill) , because most of it in the form of organic solid waste can be used again and processed into compost. From the economic side, composting of organic solid waste that previously had no economic value and even require the cost is quite expensive to handle and cause social problems, turned out to be converted into useful and valuable products economically quite promising with the engine if the garbage into compost.

Biophosko® Rotary Kiln Electric RKE 2000 L dimension ( length = 280 cm, width = 230 cm, height = 200 cm) made of pure metal and fiber resin, reducer, gear, aeration equipment, electric motors 7 HP. RKE 2000L is designed specifically for the management of the microenvironment that the bacteria consortium in Green Phoskko activator ( GP-1) can work without interruption and effectively break down organic material. Machine Tools Rotary Klin RKE-2000L will be a perfect solution for dealing with waste a community-most in the form of organic garbage ( food waste) such as household garbage, restaurants, hotels, and domestic waste from the household environment in a residential complex ( real estate, apartments, condominiums) .

Category of organic waste ( foodwaste) or that can be broken down ( degraded) include among others: food scraps, paper, the remaining fish and fish spines, skin of fruits, vegetables, cotton cloth, etc. So the organic material can also be interpreted all the material coming from living things include animals, humans and plants. Changing the organic waste product into something new - and useful like compost, it will be useful in maintaining soil fertility, increase soil humus layer, loose soil binding and as a nutrient supply for plants.

Compost will be useful for all plants around the environment itself as a residential garden, neighborhood park hotels, restaurants, and environmental RW. Compost can also be sold to farmers, or consignment to dealers of ornamental plants along the roads in the cities, sold to the owners of the park, to the hobies plants and flowers as well as to the planter.

Simple and easy to apply, just prepare the organic waste as much as 6 m³ or the equivalent weight of 2 tons. Trash must be made small size ( about 10-15 mm) by using a chopper or chopped be the size of the kitchen waste ( households, hotels and restaurants) that is 15-50 mm. Rubbish which originated from neighborhoods, hotels and households are already generally small, so that does not actually need and do not depend on the existence of a thrasher ( chopper) . Trash, and then inserted into the Composter through the reactor towards the door. Elsewhere, prepare solution as an activator of microbial decomposition Green Phoskko® ( GP-1) as much as 2 kg ( 1 permil of waste material around 2 tons of raw material for composting organic waste) , also add Molases ( molasses) or granulated sugar 50 tablespoons and dissolve in water as much as 250 liters. Stir until evenly distributed and save 2-4 hours for this Phoskko green organic decomposer evenly dissolved and the bacteria become active in it from sleeping ( dormant) . After the estimated dissolved, pour solution Green Phoskko® decomposer ( Compost Activator) upward stack of organic waste in the reactor composter. Then mix the bulking agent ( bulking agent) Green Phoskko® as much as 60 kg ( 3 percent% of waste materials) and turn the rotary engine driving the available-for 15 minutes to die with the self-timer.

The use of rotary motor of the driving engine just for 15 minutes / once as many as 5 times per day. By turning the drum will be reversed and the smooth blending of all waste material therein. In addition, the function of the reversal to occur for a variety of materials and increase the homogeneity of the increased aeration of the increase in oxygen into the cavity of the compost. After 1-2 days later the reaction will occur in the form of heat, if the inside of the drum reactor is measured using a thermometer in the range of temperatures 30 to 50 degrees Celsius. Temperature 50 degrees Celsius a mesophilic temperature conditions - which is good for the workings of the consortium of microbes ( bacteria aktinomycetes aktinomyces naeslundii-species, species Lactobacillus delbrueckii, Bacillus Brevis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, yeast, and fungi and Cellulolytic Bacillus Sp.) Until day 3 up to 5, the decomposition reaction will generally occur with increasing temperature in the drum signs of heat ( up to 70 degrees Celsius) , a steam, and do it again by turning on the air penggembosan aerator motor ( exhaust fan) every time considered to require the intake of oxygen or the temperature above 55 degrees Celsius. On day 5 to 7 if the temperature is below 30 degrees C or considered cool and normal temperature, remove the compost from the composter and keep in the shade and covered with a sack packaging ( PE) in black for aerated, can also included in the PE or Jute bags and stacked in the shade.

About 7 days later after processing into reactor drum, the compost is dry and crumbly. Sift through integral between grains escaped mess 100 with large size material. Small granular mounds input into the packaging as planned. Now you have made your own compost to be ready for sale.

Rotary Kiln BioPhosko Composter Type RKE-2000L operated commercially on Compost Treatment Plant City ( IPKK) , could be in the area near Garbage Disposal Temporary ( TPS) , central market, residential neighborhood or village. Rotary can also be moved as needed ( mobile) . A machine tool Composter IPKK with Type Rotary Kiln will provide income for anyone who wants to use municipal waste as a business-in the vicinity of his residence as retirees, companies, hotels, restaurants, cooperative employees, the cooperative market, SME entrepreneurs and anyone interested in doing efforts by utilizing urban waste compost in particular.

With Rotary Klin though capacity is 6 m3 / batch production process, will be able to process waste from approximately 750 to 1000 house-day Indonesia. So if you planned to manage 1000 homes ( on average many homes a real estate or housing) continuously every day, it will take at least 5 units composter RKE-2000L BioPhosko this form one IPKK * )

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