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Altimeter / Height Measure Instrument CGQ-1

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Specification:CGQ-1 Height Measure Instrument

Product Description :
1. The instrument can measure the object height in the field
2. Can calculate the difference and the total of height and measure the slope.
3. It can read the height directly, not need to use the conversion table.
4. It smaller, light weight, accuracy and easy to use. If only want to measure the height. You can use this one, no need of the theodolite.

Main Specifications :
Items Specifications
Height measure( max) : 60m
Height measure( when depression) : 20( max)
Changless distance : 15, 20, 30, 40 ( m)
Elevation : 60 degree( max)
Angle of depression : 30 degree( max)
Dial scale : 0.5m
Size : 156× 127× 25( mm)
Weight : 0.4kg

Company Contact
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Karya Tehnik at JAKARTA PUSAT
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Karya Tehnik at JAKARTA PUSAT
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Karya Tehnik at JAKARTA PUSAT
Address:MGK KEMAYORAN Ground Floor A11 No. 6 Jl. Angkasa Raya Kav. B6
JAKARTA PUSAT 10610, Jakarta
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