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SHELL Rescue basket stretcher :
The Spencer basket stretcher, Shell, has been studied to confront the most difficult of emergency situations. It is ideal for rescue operations in mines, at altitude and in water.
Thanks to its robust form, resistance and flexibility of use, it is indispensable anytime a reliable and safe stretcher is needed. A revolutionary technique has been used in its realization which ensures the uniform
thickness over the entire length of the stretcher.
The shell is made ou of high density polyethylene and is joined to an aluminium framework which consolidates its robustness.
The handles for transport, which are part of the structure itself, are placed along the entire perimeter, the grommets for the fixing of the spring catches of the harnessing, are in stainless steel.
Inside the shell a removable mattresses, applied with Velcro® , made out of closed cell EDPM, which makes it impermeable to both blood and water. The use of high density polyethylene for the shell guarantees, apart from being shatter-proof, an exceptional sanitization.
The Shell can contain a spinal board.
The use of high density polyethylene, pressed with this technology, gives a consistency to the thickness that is much higher then achieved before with other forms of pressing; the advantages are evident in the corners, curves and on the base, exactly where the other bodies prove to be more fragile. The body is resistant to damage and corrosion and has been joined to an aluminium framework to guarantee a demanding use and safe transportability in helicopters.
The tapered form allows it to contain all the Spencer spinal boards, thus avoiding any annoying movements of the board itself.

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