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CV.Karsa Tekad Mandiri
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Name:Mr. Iwan Setiawan Atmojo [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: iwan_atm@yahoo.com Y!: iwan_atm
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Iwan Setiawan Atmojo at Malang
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Iwan Setiawan Atmojo at Malang
Address:Jl. Grindulu 31A
Malang 65123, Jawa Timur
email: iwan_ atm@ yahoo.com
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Registration Date:Feb. 18, 2011
Last Updated:Mar. 09, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Energy category

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Steel Construction Workshop which specialized in production Domestic BioGas Appliances. was cooperated and recommended by well known NGO which is HIVOS from Holland to produce appliances such as Mixer, Main Gas Valve, and Dome Mould from size 4m3 up to 12 m3 to be implemented to some province around Indonesia. We also has certified technician to build Biogas reactor and ready to be assigned to entire Indonesia territory.

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