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CV.Jaring Citra Lestari
CV.Jaring Citra Lestari
CV. JARING CITRA LESTARI, Produsen dan Distributor Alat Peraga Pendidikan dan Kesehatan..
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Mr. Jaringcitra
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Jl.Helvetia Raya no. 7 Helvetia Medan
Medan 20124, Sumatera Utara
Certificates : ISO 9001-2008, HAKI . K3, Siup, P4TK , ISO14001, ISO18001
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Learning Pakem SD Viewer Tool

I. Learning tools Pakem IPS SD Class Low ( Class 1, 2 and 3)
1. Learning Module students
2. Learning Module
3. Some pictures of economic activity such as: Activities of people dancing, Trading, raising, people working at the office, working at the bank.

II. Learning tools Pakem IPS high school class ( Class 4, 5 and 6)
1. Model Volcanoes
2. Fault model
3. model fold
4. Poster map of the distribution of volcanoes in Indonesia
5. Volcano Poster
6. Poster Distribution map Prone Tsunami in Indonesia
7. Poster Map of the Regional Distribution of earthquakes in Indonesia
8. 3-dimensional map of Nature
9. relief Mainland
10. Model of the seabed relief
11. Ocean waves poster
12. Poster Zone depths of the sea
13. Poster sea limit Indonesia
14. Sliced Skin of Earth Poster
15. Figure figures
16. Thematic map of the area leaders in the struggle of the local province.
17. Model garments and accessories commonly used national figures in the local provincial
18. The model / picture symbol cooperative
19. Pictures / posters of cooperative activities
20. DVD cooperative activities
21. Globe
22. DVD Various kinds of business activity or jobs in Indonesia
23. Picture / Posters characters who work in the proclamation of independence of Indonesia
24. Picture / Poster historic event for the country Indonesia

Instrument Making Learning Pakem IPS SD
1. Houses environmental plan
2. Family genealogy
3. Natural mockups around
4. Map of district / municipality
5. Painting hero
6. Mock volcano
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